Death to all Wiggers.

I suppose the only thing I do hate more than a black man is a white man pretending to be black or to understand the life of a brother.  I understand what it means to life in strife and struggle everyday knowing that it could be your last.  Gang drive by's, burglars, crack addicts and savages. 

Once the brothers got recognition, the wangster wannabe white boys started acting up, posing, disguising and betraying their kind to blend in with the rise of the blacks.  

Over the next few months, this page will be updated with a bunch of photos, hate messages and rants about white people in Burlington Vermont and all across the nation.  I'm quite frankly sick of seeing posers walk up to me and throw me signs and shit, like it's supposed to mean something.  Especially when all the white kids are fucking snitchass rats and retards.

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Anonymous said...

yo i hate them wigger to.peace!