Monday, June 25, 2012

Pissed Off!

It pisses me off how internet forums and chat rooms have gone to shit.
Every community I've visited is filled with festering fucks who think they know how to troll or think others fail, as if repeating the same fucking "you fail" line makes you any better.   I can't have open arguments and debates with anyone, it's impossible to find serious threads without some moron referring to trolls, umadbro, and you fail.   Since when has the internet sucked so much ass?  It's the same shit with retards who listens to Lil Wayne and says he's poetic and he's swag and balling. 

First off, I'd slam dunk over Lil Wayne.
Secondly, there's no poetry in any of his shit.
Finally, he doesn't even write his own lyrics.

I can't find a single fucking community that doesn't consist of retarded "trolls", fucking nigger lovers and homosexual supporters.  I just want a community without gay fag supporters and dumbass trolls.  I don't even care if I have to tone my language down a little.  I can control my aggressive nature simply if I had to and I would just only if I could find a respectable community.   Also the moderators and admins would have to be logical and not big fucking power hungry cocksucking fucks.

I've only ever been apart of like four communities, really.  Chat rooms and forums.ha IRC, Flame section and Random section.
Myspace Forums L&R , R&P , and the Anime section mostly.
RuneScape: Castle War Community.

See, Flixster, that was an original and a great community once.
I've gotten at least 20,000 post counts there,and I was known everywhere.
If I could take back some of the lies I've told on flixster, I would, trust me.
I've done and said some pretty shitty stuff that makes my stomach twist to this day, just thinking about it.   At least on flixster there were a ton of cute and adorable girls.  Some whores too.   I loved Flixster but I guess me and Shane helped ruin the Chatrooms with all of our trolls that got a bunch of kids crying to Admins.   It didn't help that I spammed a bunch of porn from trannies to gay men.  Then some asshole by the name of Rob took over and he had his ideas of making Flixster less social and more based around movies.  He led the whole Flixster Expert project.   That one time, I hacked Flixster to redirect users who clicked on their profile, they got redirected a Keylogger and Malware viruses.  It was the best and most notorious day in my life.  I even met the owner of Flixster in California, though under terrible circumstances.
Soon after, the forums got destroyed. We were no longer able to post HTML, no photos, no bold letters, no large letters and no links.  Forums were coming to an end and everyone knew it.    Everyone joined Facebook, created groups and pages, the whole she-bang.  Anyways, I met some of my best friends from Flixster.  Shane and Richard.

As for Powerbot, used to be fun.  Used to be filled with infamous troll phrases.  It was the first community I joined that allowed posting of porn, gore, bloody nuns and allowed us to talk shit to each other with little to no consequences.  I got hooked in the Flame Section, of course, post counts there didn't exist in that section, otherwise I would have had thousands of posts.  I shortly became a moderator there when I had my own personal RuneScape service.  I had so many vouches, so many views, so many orders and I was stealing everyone else's orders.  I had cheap and the fastest time done for Torsos.   Of course, I was a member of Barbarian Assault Addicts, and our clan finished games within 20 minutes, and we had secret methods of accumulating max points per round.   Being apart of Powerbot, I became more honest about things, about myself in particularly.

Myspace forums were the best.  My older brother used it too, so I could see what he was up to.  He met a few chicks from Myspace, and scored with them.     He's into that shit, meeting up with strangers and fucking them.  Some of them were hot, some cute, but none I'd fuck, personally.  I'm strictly Asian girls only now.   Again, he used the forums, I used the L&R (Love and Relationship) forums everynow and then but mostly, I used Religion and Philosophy.   I earned my first forum badge from R&P.  The Loyalty badge and the Protector badge.  For users who are active and for users who defend their religion and such.   The Anime forums were cool until it became less about anime and more about the retarded nonstop drama that escalated throughout all the other forums with the random invasion and shit.   Anyways, I used Myspace for stalking my school crush. Rebecca and Molly.  

RuneScape, CWC:  Was the best.  Cal, Aaron, Josh, Robert, Daz and Jarred.
God, CWC was the best.  I became popular and famous instantly when I first joined.  No, I was introduced and by Cal whom I met playing Castle Wars.  He was helping me learn the roots, the fundamentals of the game. Advance tactics and everything else he knew.    Shortly, I joined a real Castle War Clan and that's when everyone knew me from W52 on the RuneScape servers.   I was the ladies-man of the forums on CWC. Since everyone who played Castle Wars was Asian and Belgium, I was one of the better looking Asian guys.  
But of course, I was still young and foolish, I took advantage of a bunch of the girls and exposed their nudes to my other guy-friends.   They were all "Yo come on m8 let's get dem nudes pls I'll pay 10m"   It was like free money.
Anyways, I got hacked in the end, lost everything, was betrayed by friends and I had no interest in those Asian girls so I gave up, and leaked all the nudes I had and made fun of Jarred's cancer.   He was a bald 17 year old that used cancer to guilt women into internet dating him.   It was a hoot, sitting around watching him go up to girls on runescape and asking them out.  He ALWAYS mention cancer.  "Oh hey.  I bet you're cute and pretty in real life, I can tell from your pixel that you have a wonderful personality, I don't know if you have a boyfriend or not but I'm single, and you seem really wonderful want to date me?  I got cancer and I may die at any given time, which I hope you don't mind, I suffer a lot from trauma, abuse, and people who make fun of me.  But I'm strong, and I won't hurt you, I promise. "  So fucking epic.
But yea, I used to guilt Jarred into giving me bucket loads of gold, he was rich on runescape.  He must've had at least 50b from staking and hacking all of his little girlfriends.    

I miss these communities but I won't return to them. 
I need somewhere new, some place where nobody knows who I am so I can alter my attitude to adjust in with an entirely new and active community. 

teenzforums, rsportal, runedream, tekkennation, yugiohforums,, fucking Maruku's shitty site, forgot what it was called... they even banned me. 
Every place I go, I'm neither welcomed nor appreciated for my honesty.
These kids, they want to live in their make belief world, in their shitty dicksuck community for ranks and popularity, rather than learning and being told the truth, expanding their intellectuals. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Clearing some things up

Fuck, my class of 07 reunion is today.  I can't go because I've made promises to Jenni that today I'd spend time with her family over some tea and egg rolls.  Fuck you guys. The English have tea and biscuits. The Irish have beer and Lucky Charms.  Us Asians have tea and egg rolls or dumplings but I'm positive they made them though.   

Anyways, the real reason I want to attend the reunion now opposed to prior to today is because I had a dream last night...  OK, before I tell you about my dream, let me tell you what happened last night between me and Jenni.


She was flexing her ass in front of the TV and I happened to walk by and say something that I would regret.  I said to her and I quote "Flex that ass bitch!"
That was mistake number one, Jenni hates being called a bitch.  She thinks it degrading and misogynist.   She's one of those who believes in sisterhood and women's right and equality.  So, I tried to play it off as a playful act leading to foreplay but that wasn't happening on Jenni's watch.  Every time I've called her a bitch in the past, she walks her pussy in the car and locks the door.
She doesn't even drive away.  She wants me to know that she's in control.
She responded, "Oh god, shut up, I'm not in the mood for it tonight."  I said, I was sorry and I just wanted to spend tonight with her.  She said "my parents want us to see them tomorrow"  I said, "Sure, whatever. Not like I wanted to go to my fucking 07 reunion down at the bay anyways, with a bunch of clingy fucks I despised for being lesser than me."   She said, "Oh I forgot about that, and didn't you want to see your high school crush with her new boyfriend?" then she gave me a sarcastic wink.  It pissed me off, and I wanted to grab her by the throat and slit her breast and beat her legs off her pussy."  I hated the fact Molly ignored me after high school, when ever I've tried to contact her, she blows me off with her bullshit.  So instead of grabbing my woman by her throat and slicing her tits off,  I tried to gently jab her in the arm with my fist.  Just a gentle jab, nothing hard.

Second mistake, and this mistake kicked the shit down the throat of the first mistake.   As gently as I punched her, she shouted in my apartment, and minutes later an officer came up and through my door.  But before the officer came, this is what took place.  My Fiancee, Jenni, got punched gently, though she claims it hurts.  It was a soft dead-arm punch.  She was totally over-reacting.  Or maybe I'm just a bad motherfucker but trust me, as much as I love fighting, I don't hit women with any intention of harming them. Normally just a small dap in their upper arm to shut them up.  She gets right up to my face and says "Hit me in the face if you're so fucking tough."  I was wondering what made her over-react like this.  I know Asian women have the tendency to  yell and swear at a high volume but this was just a gentle jabber-dap.   She flipped out and started screaming more retarded shit that made me want to beat her teeth down her throat but as a gentleman, I said I was sorry.

She kept going though.  "You preach about men respecting women but you treat me with no respect at all, you're a fucking jerk.  You think it's playful or a joke to hit me?  It hurts you fucking dick. You call me a bitch and then hit me.  You're no different from the niggers that you hate, you are a nigger and I fucking hate you."   I quickly tried to silent her by saying, I loved her, to assure and ease her to relax.  She was totally overreacting.  If the blacks downstairs, didn't hear her than they are deaf monkeys.   I tried to hug Jenni but she slapped my hand away and said "Don't touch me, you fucking dick." 

Boy, I know through experience from living with my own parents, typical Asians.  They yell all the time and every other line is a long line of cuss words stringed together.  Like "fucking dick fag, buttcrunching  boobie blower, go pour salt in your asshole"  Shit like that, and Jenni was starting that shit which irritates the fuck out of me.  I grabbed her this time and right then the Officer comes in.  So fucking inconvenient.  Because grabbing a woman is assault, and assaulting a woman is automatically five years and a felony record. Fuck off.    Officer calls in his radio and says we've got a crises upstairs in apartment B1.  I told him to fuck off, which is terrible idea and mistake number two.  Which kicks the shit out of my first mistake.  The officer was like melodramatic.  "What did you fucking say to me , kid?"  I repeated myself, because I was being irritated by Jenni and at the same time, simultaneousness, Jenni says "Fuck off, and he's not hurting me, we were playing a game, so kindly leave, because our clothes are coming off."    Officer looks at me, and I look at Jenni, surprised but at the same time, I know she was down for me. She'd never allow me to go back to Jail.   Officer said to me, "Watch your tone next time, kid.  Thank your lady, I didn't bust your ass down."   I shouted back, knowing he was already down the stairs, "Fucking retard.  Don't come in my apartment again, could have caused a heart attack, you perverted fuck"  He looked back and said "With your tinydick, I'd die laughing"  Oh, you!  I swear, I fucking hate that officer.  Always getting the last word in with me.

I turn back and walk back into my apartment and Jenni stood there, growling, like a puppy, or something.  I was confused.  She said "I'm going home, and you have to decide whether or not you're attending your reunion or spending time with my family."    I hate her, I swear to god.  She knows I want to spend time with her but every time she brings up Molly, a girl I grew up having a huge crush on, even while I dated Samantha, I always looked and thought of Molly.  Anyways, Jenni packs her shit and heads out.  I followed her and she cracked her window down in the car and I said "Come back upstairs baby and shake your ass, I can't sleep without cuddling you and I don't have work, come back up. I'm sorry, I was wrong and out of line. I won't hit you again, even lightly, because now I know you're a major sissy girl. Anyways, I promise to see you and your family, and we'd go see my family tomorrow evening."

She giggled, apologized then she said she couldn't spend tonight with me, she had to go help her parents prepare for tomorrow's date. 

So, I'm alone in my bed last night and if I remember correctly, my last thoughts were of Molly, and then I dreamed. I dreamt that I was going to be the father of Molly's baby, that Molly replaced Jenni in my new life.  That Molly and I were happy. That I had a success on the debut of my first rap album.  It went platinum. I made millions. I was already requested back at the studio, I was somebody. I was due to appear on MTV.  I lived a fantasy but with a girl that I long cared for.   But I woke up at 2AM and started wanking randomly, and walked to my kitchen and grabbed a few beers and sat down on my couch.  I starred at a black TV Screen I then thought to myself that tomorrow, I'd attend both the family meeting and my reunion.  It was a chance to confront Molly. It was my chance to change my life.  I thought it was something I wanted, but this morning, I had myself another few beers and here I am at the library, writing this blog, as if it meant the world to me and it does.

Some day, I'll confront Molly, and some day, she'll understand and believe what I told her over facebook were more than words.   I have tried so hard, to express my feelings to Molly. It was even before I dated Jenni, but Molly always blew me off.   How is it that you, a beautiful white woman can date a dumbass nigger, a dumb redneck douchebag who doesn't know how to dress himself and date a fucking retard like Justin, and not give me a chance to explain myself?  Do you think those guys felt the way they do about you for as long as I did?  Whatever, I don't want to ruin what I have with Jenni. I've already made the mistake in proposing, I'm engaged and bond to a pact I made with her, with a holy pact, you ever break that bond, you'll go to hell. As God as my witnessed, I already vowed I'd always be there for Jenni and I don't plan on going back on my word or going to hell for a silly high school crush.    In fact, fuck Molly. Seriously.   If she hasn't learned by now from all her past boyfriends, that she's only being used , I have no goddamn sympathy for her.   I do wish her the best, I do wish Justin was a little more careful and had more manners and respect.  It would make me happy.   

Anyways, so that dream is in conflict with my promise to Jenni.
So, after I shutdown from here, I have to make a few calls, and download a few things then I must go home and bathe again, clean up, shave and be ready for embarrassment.  Once the baby pictures are leaked, I'm doomed for. 

See, I have this one picture, well, many pictures of this one day.
This one day, I went to see Santa for the first time at the Mall, and this was in California, when I lived there as a child , I went on Santa's lap and pissed myself.  Santa didn't know it, nobody knew it, till I got up from his lap. My fucking shorts were soaked, and Santa's lap was all wet.  I was embarrassed out of my mind and scared to death.  Alright, I was a kid, an Asian kid, I never fucking heard of Santa and my mum was pressuring me to get my picture taken with that fat red and white fat lard piece of shit.   And the fucking long white beard didn't help, alright.   And I had long hair as a child, it was embarrassing as fuck.   Also, I'll probably just delete this part of this blog post in a week so nobody can remind me of my Santa pissy pants day.

Catch you on the flip. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New fetish, please understand there's no hard feelings.

Lately, I've been getting into this new fantasy of things. A new fetish perhaps and it's going to offend a lot of people.  I get excited when I pretend I'm beating up a nigger.  Wait just a minute.  I got this black punching bag that I decided to hang at my mum's place, because, there's really no room back at my apartment and I don't want the savage niggers that live downstairs to tear it open.  We all know how primal and violent blacks are, since they evolved from apes and chimps.  They have no manners, no respect for nature.  Hell, if you roll a banana in a turd, the monkey would still eat it.  

So I hung this black punching bag up at my mum's place, and you know, I got real into this whole new kickboxing thing that was a new way for me to bulk up and tone my body, to get ripped like Bruce Lee.  My fucking idol, you know. That man was more than just a stunt ass kicking martial arts expert, he was a philosopher as well.   And boy, when I started kicking and backhand punching the fuck out of that black punching bag, I couldn't help to think that my bag, was a nigger who was standing two feet in front of me.  I jumped up and did this spinning wheel kick shit right into the heart of the nigger.
I propped the fucking bag up, and held it in my hands, looked directly at it, and fuck, I lost myself in the moment.  I shouted at the bag.

I fucking shouted at the punching bag. No damn lie, no fibs, no tall tales, no jokes. I held it up, and shouted "You mother fucking lazy ass cunt, go get a fucking job, you no good for nothing coon muffin cotton pickin monkey nigger, AIDs infested cocksuckin' booty hole dickbouncing Jewish nigger."
I said all that then released my posture and allowed the bag to swing back once, then right back at me, and then I just gave it a fucking uppercut and walked into my mum's house and drank some kool-aid.  It was grape flavored. 
I bet that bag, was pretty damn beaten and jealous of my grape kool-aid. 

So, I've had my punching bag for about two days, and in those two days. I've spent about 5 hours total beating the fuck out of it, and for at least 4 hours and 50 of those minutes, I imagined a big tall dumb ass looking mother fucker standing in front of me.  Big fat purpled lips just fucking waiting for me to make my first move. My first would be my last, cuz if that Punching bag, punched bag, it'd beat the fuck out of me before I could land another punch.  Damn man, though I pick on niggers for being pussies, cuz they have to form gangs and go around piling one man because they afraid to fight man to man, I know at the bottom of my heart, a nigger, a full bred nigger raised into this earth as a crack baby, growing up in the ghetto, that kind of bred nigger would drop my fucking ass.  And I'm not afraid to admit that I'm weak compared to gorillas.

In my mind though, I could take the beating and still come out victorious.
Man, I'd love to fight a nigger for once, but everytime I'm face to face with a nigger, he either has fifty of his coon berry friends there with him or I am strapped with a gun.  Yeah, man.  Back a few years ago, I had to carry a nine with me.  Hell, my older brother had an automatic in the passenger seat. 
But now, I really want a nigger to one day just start some shit with me, I'd really fuck his shit up.   I'd quickly run and make his stupid raging monkey ass chase me.  Knowing how fast he was, I'd probably have to do some shit like spit a huge lugie in his face, maybe right in the eye.  Then I'd run like Forest Grump, no looking back, just run into an alley and you know when you spit in the face of a nigger, they'd fucking find you and rock your shit up.  No problem.  Find me, you dimwitted retarded gorilla. I got a brick waiting around the corner for your stupid ass.   Take that brick to his fucking face, pull my knife out and start cutting into his ankles. I'd probably snap it back a little, and just jump on it, praying that I break a few bones.  After that, no nigger will be standing no ten feet tall on my ass, I'd lose the brick and start practicing my Tai Chi shit on his fucking ass. Whoop the mother fucker up.

Man, I really do wish a nigger would come fuck with me.
I'ma train and become a UFC fighter, that's the whole deal these days, you gotta train for UFC fighting or else you're nothing.  They are the elites when it comes to ass kickery.  I really do need those Sodas to fatten up so I can tone and turn fat into muscles.  Jordan, you gotta ship me those fucking Cherry cokes, man.   Then I could really get my Brock Lasner on. No fucking joke, man, that guy is a fucking beast.  Even though he made a very terrible decision by going back and joining the WWE, it still doesn't change the fact that he was one of the most fierce mother fuckers to step into an Octagon. 

Just try it guys, just try fucking with me. I'd roast your black ass to crisp. 

Yours truly,

Angry Asian dude. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

So I've been reading a lot lately,

Since my internet went out at home and nothing I can do to resolve that but go to the local library.  I started reading, my fiancee's idea and now I'm having trouble thinking clearly.  The novels and stories I've been reading are all about rape, murder, kidnap, abuse and crime.  All of these books are effecting my daily life but I cannot stop reading them.    I know most of my readers don't read novels.  They read funny blog skits about the shitty life of a blogger.

Alright, in the past two weeks, I've read these books.

Along Came a Spider by James Patterson
Kiss the Girls by James Patterson
The Dying Game by Beverly Barton
The Murder Game by Beverly Barton
The Devil's Teardrop by Jeffery Deaver

See, these are all suspense, murder, crime, mystery and intense page turners. I've read each of those books within two days or less.  Though, I've read Kiss The Girls at least four times now.  The rape, the suspense, the kill and the immoral acts are just too much to ignore.  Like as if it ignited a spark inside of me.  Maybe I was born to become a serial killer-rapist.  Just maybe.
These afterthoughts when I get through these books are intensified by a million once I start walking in public.   I look at people and I judge them for who they are and my judgement are rarely ever wrong.   So many people I pass everyday walking downtown , I could easily murder and for all the right reasons.   Douchebags that break people's car to steal GPS, to sell for weed.  Stupid pimpledface sluts sucking cock at the bus stop for 5 dollars.
I wish to myself, that I could stand up with the courage and end their pitiful lives but I don't like the consequences that comes with it.   Back in the 50s, I could kill a nigger and nobody would care.   I could beat and rape a whore and nobody would take her word for it.   I could beat the fuck out of my sister and start the first worldwide trend for emos, by accusing her of cutting and beating herself because she's an insane fucking retard.  

I think that would be neat.  If I could go back in time and start one of the world's biggest trend.  I probably wouldn't do the whole emo thing, that's not me.  I don't cut, and if I said my sister did it, and named it, my sister would get more credit from you lifeless gay self loathing fucks than I would. 
Nobody cares about the guy who came up with the name. They care about the subject. The doer.   I guess, I'd start something rad like. . .  Hentai or Rap. 
Find me a 1949 rapper or shut the fuck up.  I will be the one who starts rap, alright.  Rap would become huge in China, and all across Asia.  Niggers like Tupac and Biggie wouldn't exist.  They'd just be street rats  mugging people for dope and shit.  Like the lazy niggers that they are.   Speaking of niggers, there's a nigger sitting five feet to my right.

This nigger, just sitting here, to my right, five feet away. No books, no laptop, nothing. Sitting there looking stupid with his arms folded onto his chest.  Sitting there in his torn Reboks, stupid flat lids hat, baggy fucking black jeans and a pewter-ish coloured shirt.  Just looking around, sitting there like the homeless nigger that he is. He's probably no older than 22.  
Hell, I'm not surprised he's a homeless fuck.  Why on God's Green Earth would a mother want someone so disgusting and so much of a disgrace to take shelter in their home.  This nigger is fucking clueless, and if he took one glance at this blog, which I wish he did, I'd knock his ass back and shove a How to Get a Job for dummies book down his fucking throat, or up his ass, which ever helps him get the message.   I fucking hate niggers like this.

Speaking of this blog, this blog needs more followers, more views and more attention. I've put my heart and soul into this blog recently.  Though, I could take more pictures.  Maybe I'll start doing that, posting photos of myself and my surroundings so you get a better idea of what I'm blogging.
Though, I can't really hold my phone up, taking snaps at coon monkeys at a public library.  Hell, if I got kicked out and banned from using the public library for beating a nigger to death, I wouldn't be able to update this blog.
Maybe if he goes into the bathroom, I'll follow behind and lynch his fucking ass in there.  I've always wanted to give someone a swirly, and how fitting would it be if my first victim was a nigger? 

Now for my daughter, there's a reason why I am including her into this blog post.  She made her first racist remark this weekend when I had her over to watch Peter Jackson's King Kong.   She said, "daddy is that why people call black people monkey cuz they are hairy and black like king kong?"
My dear princess is all grown up now and ready to indulge on daddy's secret fantasy.   I want to tell my daughter all the bad things about black people but I don't want her taking this stuff to school.  I know my ex wife is a racist. She hates niggers but I'm not sure how well and affective she passed that trait down to our daughter.    I really want to teach my daughter about all the incriminating acts and primal ways that niggers act and why she must live her life, dedicated to eradicate them.  I want my daughter to grow up and become a successful black hunter.  She'll be known as the Nigger Huntress.
A well known Assassin of negroes and would kill any nigger from David Ortiz to common street thugs and all the way up to Obama.   She'd be like Haku or a female version of Zabuza.   If you don't know who either Haku or Zabuza are, you need to go eat a dick and fuck yourself, you stupid uneducated cunt.
Zabuza is a rogue ninja of the hidden mist village who took Haku under his wing that has a special kekkei genkai. Ice style. 

Yo, so did I just threw some Naruto bits into my blog? What the fuck.
Hahaha, I've recently been able to watch the past three episodes that I missed, finally, remembering to bring my own set of headphones with me this time.  Normally I forget them in the car or I misplace them somewhere.

You should see the inside of my car. It's a fucking mess. Hahaha.
In the backseat, there's soda cans, beer bottles, shoes and clothes everywhere.  The passenger seat, at the bottom, filled with fast food wrappers and again, bottles and cans.  I think one of my main priority for today is cleaning my car out which I'll tend to once I'm finished here at the library.  Going to find a nice romantic novel with tons of sex, and killing in it.
Something only Beverly Barton could write.

Here's my list of activities for today.

Cleaning out car,
Going home to shower and a couple wanks,
Watch a few episodes of Gossip Girl,
You'll probably be mad , but I'm watching    Glee too. That show rocks your socks. I swear to God, I watched like five minutes of that and started masturbating.   How many of you have wanked with a sock on before?
I came inside one of my socks one time... 

Oh right, 

Cleaning out my car,

Watch TV,
Make a few calls,
Pick up Jenni,
Get my penis licked,
Head home and watch more TV,
Listen to slow jams,  Order pizza,
Masturbate some more while she's studying,
Then drive her home,
Drive myself home,
Watch some porn I downloaded at the library...
Ejaculate in one of my old work boot I leave laying under my bed.
I'm going to have to maneuver swiftly if I want to jizz into my shoe while being too lazy to pull the shoe out from under the bed. I got this technique, I just wank and ready to release a load, having it bounce off the bottom board of my bed and landing straight down into my shoe.  Too much? 


Saturday, June 9, 2012

My sister is a retard.

So yesterday, I went to court representing the "responsible adult" on behalf of my mother whom was probably playing black jack at a casino in New York or Canada.   My sister, you see, doesn't tell anyone her situation so everything is last minute with her.  Nobody was able to prepare to stand in Court so she decided to ask her attorney at the last possible minute to call me and ask that I stand in so that she doesn't end up going to jail.

Fuck.  If I knew my sister would go to jail if I hadn't stepped in, I wouldn't have picked up a random caller's call.   But I felt so damn lonely with my fiancĂ©e being at her mother's for the day and I had nobody but niggers downstairs to talk to, I answered the phone and this Jewish fuck asked me directly , if I'd be able to come down to the court house, and step in and represent the responsible adult for my sister.  

The judge had quite the sense of humor. 
The state representatives were two fat ladies. 
My sister's attorney was some handsome fella that looked like he just came out from law school.
I didn't trust either the state or my sister's attorney. He was too young to understand justice.
Hell, I hate pretty much all attorneys.  They're all assholes and unrighteous dickwads. 

I hate the justice system, first of all and secondly. 
I believe in the death penalty and I believe all niggers are guilty till proven innocent

See, us Asians, we don't commit any of them petty crimes. 
We don't fucking mug people. We don't rob liquor stores and we certainly don't steal unless it's at a garage sale. And trust me, we're quick like ninjas , you wouldn't see us pocketing your shit. 

When it comes to Asians and crimes, we commit trafficking crimes, murder, and occasionally we rape a white girl or two.   You know how hard it is for Asian men to find white girls to love and be attracted to them?   I say them, instead of us, because I have no problem attracting white girls. Yeah. 
As I was saying, it's hard to get a white girl to fall for an Asian man.   I've never seen an Asian with a white girl in my life, man. Never once.  I've seen some trashy Asian wangsters get with hoochie nigga bitches.
What's even more rare is an Asian fella with a hot Latina.   Man, I remember growing up with this guy I called "Coolie" he was a big bad Asian thug, and he was also a very close friend of my family. 
Him and my brother would go out at nights and hold guns to people and steal their wallets.  
But Coolie, was and is the only Asian brother I know that has ever and is still with a hot sexy latina woman. This bitch came straight from a Hollywood Picture, I swear, she had them nice big tits, and that ass, holy shit.   Jennifer Lopez except less trendy and nicer tits.  I've seen her tits too. I think I tried to milk her once. 

Anyways, what I'm saying, is my sister is a retard , and I hate public defenders who get paid shit to represent guilty criminals who would rather lie their way out then to accept responsibility for their actions. 
Let me tell you what she's being convicted for.

Two counts of simple assaults.  
One count of aggravated assault. 

This is how it went down, OK.

Two, simple assaults were on these two other bitches that I'm sure that I know, well, my sister's nigger boyfriend cheated on my sister for these two other girls, at both different time.   My sister found out through searching his facebook and "signing into it"  , because her boyfriend is also a dumb sorry country ass slave monkey that saved his password onto the computer so that anyone could access it.   So my sister beat up these two other monkey bitches.

Second case, she beats up this little middle school girl.
WHAT THE FUCK? You're 18, 19, and you want to beat up a girl that's barely 13.
What the fuck is wrong with you? Have you no shame? Why on earth would you feel the need to beat up a little girl?   And you know what else? I knew that little girl.  Whenever I drop my daughter off at the elementary school, I'd see this girl there standing at the bus stop to catch the middle school bus. 
My sister's reasoning was "That little bitch was saying shit about my boyfriend and called me a slut."

First off, you are a slut and your boyfriend deserves to be dissed about.  He's a dumb unemployed retarded ass pot smoking cock sucking rat.  Ten feet tall snitchin' ass nigger.  And my sister hasn't grasp the realism that is, her boyfriend pretty much broken up with her.   Derp.

You know, with my ties in the Asian community, I know a lot of people and I've gain a ton of respect among the older men who have daughters, kids and wives of their own.  They know I'm starting a family again and that I'm going to be getting off paroles, and finally returning to the Public Asian Community. PAC. Just made this up.  Pretty catchy if you're not Asian because they would pronounce it as Paa! Weee paaa! 
Anyways, everyone of these older gentlemen and ladies fucking hate my sister.  They all think she gives Asians a bad name.  If war ever broke out between the Asian Community and Niggers, my sister would be over there sharing all sorts of STDs with niggers, and firing back at us. She's the biggest goddamn race traitor I have ever seen.  I hate my sister and I'm glad that she's tied down in a straight jacket getting raped by 500 pound guards who probably get no puss, other than from mental crazy retarded bitches.

Get raped, whore.

As if I'd ever support your stupid ass.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Showering in a public library bathroom?

Go fuck yourself.  I came from work, and decided to check facebook for updates on my class of 07 reunion and I had to take a leak.  I hurried to the bathroom, and there I saw a homeless fucking hippie with like five fucking bags, a straw hat, a fucking vest, and smelled like a seventy year old dying fuck who barely showers.   But that's exactly what this dumbfuck did.  This dumbfucking hippie was pouring water from the faucet to his face and body.  He was shirtless under the vest, which I suppose could be a water proof vest.  But what the fuck?

OK, fuck that asshole, OK.  I ignored the douche, took my piss and washed my hands.  As I went to wash my hands, he backed up behind me and gazed at me like some starving vulture preying on a small rodent.  This motherfucker asked me "Hey, do you have an extra shirt I could have man? I'll give you a smoke"  Fuck you, asshole. I don't smoke anymore and I don't have a damn shirt. 

Do people fucking carry extra shirts with them when they go to the library to use the fucking internet?  NO! I am so mad right now.  I've been sitting at the library downloading a bunch of Sega Genesis ROM for myself to play and I was downloading more My Little Pony episodes for my daughter when she comes over and play because I don't have cable and my daughter loves Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash.   She said to me once "Daddy if Rainbow Dash was a boy pony she would be my boyfriend , she is the coolest pony in Ponyville."  My daughter is adorable. 

So anyways, I've been sitting about, waiting for my downloads to finish and what not, suddenly, someone called me, I stepped out into the stairways to call my friend back and there sat the fucking homeless hippie wreaking of cat piss and foul body odor.   He was topless this time, reading what seemed to be an biography of Mark Twain.  He sees me and says "My vest is soaking wet, don't mind me."   I replied and said "Get a fucking job, asshole."
Not even going to return the phone call until I get home. Not stepping out there, with a shirtless-homeless-faggot-smelling of piss.

All this goes back to the 50 year old nigger that ruined my internet access at home for getting caught.  Hurry and end the fucking investigation.  Nobody in this home even uses the internet as much as me. So nobody else has child porn but that damn nigger you threw back in prison.   Fucking hate the feds.
I hate everyone with authority and abuses it.   

Abuse of authority, that fucking fat piece of shit, Chris. Aka Wei Su.
That kid banned me because I took five extra seconds to search and find an archive thread.  Boy, I bet he feels like a fucking jackass.  Stupidest kid on the planet, and he doesn't even have morale or an ego.  He's just a dumb lonely gay fuck that sits around on skype, playing retarded games with kids from powerbot.  Go ride your bike, and get hit by a car, asshole.   Fat piece of shit. I bet you smell like shit too.  Fatass too lazy to fucking shower and brush your teeth.   Your teeth are probably fucking yellow when they're not covered in cake frosting you fat fuck.

Speaking of lazy asses. My fucking sixteen year old brother got released from Juvie after serving a week, he was locked in his fucking room for 20 hours a day and not once did he chose to brush his fucking teeth.  What is up with that shit?  I am certainty not the only person that cares about dental hygienes, OK.   You aren't going to make a great impression kissing a lady with a mouth that smells like a public gas station rest room, OK.
I fucking brush every day, every afternoon, every night, and most of the time, I just brush right after I eat any form of meal.    My girlfriend has a habit of brushing her teeth all the time now, which is probably one of my favourite traits about her.  She barely smokes, and every time she wants to kiss me, she remembers to brush her teeth first.  I refuse to kiss a bitch that doesn't have  nice breath, mkay.   Like what makes a fucking person so damn lazy that they can't take five minutes out of their day to brush their fucking teeth?
You can sit on the computer for 20 fucking hours, but not brush your teeth for two minutes, twice a day?  Fat fucking loser. Get fucking cancer and die, you worthless dirty piece of shit.

Speaking of cancer, I asked Jenni what she would do for me, if she knew I was going to die next week of cancer and she said she'd do anything for me.    She said, she'd ride my dick, with a cowgirl hat on, pretending she's riding an electric bull.  She'd rob a bank with me if that's what I wanted to do. She said we'd go out like Bonnie and Clyde. Boy, did that make me feel good. 
But I don't believe a word of it. She's a mega pussy and riding my huge cock would probably end up poking the fetus in her belly.  HAHAHAHA!
Really though, Jenni's a big o'fraidycat.    She won't even stomp a spider. 
And any creepy critter, scares the shit out of her.   I really love her for that, ladies aren't supposed to be stomping out bugs and picking up slimy eight legged hairy fucks with pinsir-like arms and legs.   That's why she hooked up with a man like me. I go fucking berserk on them spiders, yo.

Speaking of Spiders,

Isn't Spider-man like the best fucking New York Super Hero?
I'll let you think of a better New York Super Hero, but hands down, Spider-man would rock his fucking shit.  Web to the face, and kicks to your groans.
Cya, faggot.  Game over. Kill yourself.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Quick catch up.

You ever gone somewhere so frequent that the bar tender knows your order no matter the mood you're in?  I went in for a drink and to watch the ball game last night before heading to work and it seems I caught the post game show, which is fine because I don't care to watch Sports unless it's Gymnastics or  the Olympics.  When I can, I try to catch some Tennis series too. I like Tennis and Gymnastics. I don't do them, I like watching them.   Ever seen Andy Roddick serve a fucking 150mph serve straight at your cock?   It's impressive.   And Gymnastics, my god, that is probably my favourite sport to watch and it has nothing to do with women or skinny petite girls in leotards.   They are amazing. Uneven bars and floors is my favourite event to watch, really a truly spectacular thing to watch.  Hell, I wish Gymnastics was on TV 24/7, I'd sit home and watch that all damn day.  You probably wouldn't hear from me again. 

Anyways , I came in and found out the bartender, (Michelle) got fired because she didn't card a bunch of kids.  So some new dipshit didn't know that I drink Heineken till I got drunk.  Let me tell you, Heineken is only like 7% , but I love the taste so I drink it casually. Hell, my fridge used to be filled with deli meat and Heineken.   So this dipshit limited me to one beer and kicked me out because I was "loitering" , dumbass fuck, I come here almost every night of the week to watch ESPN and drink like 20 beers.   I didn't want to make a scene so I told him to fuck himself and flipped over some tables and took off in my car.  No I really didn't do that but I would have if I had cancer.  I'd blame cancer for all my problems.    "Your honor, I was scared that my cancer was going to kick in if I didn't have my fill in beer, so I acted out of raw emotion and fear of death and flipped over a few tables."  Or I could plea under insanity, that would work.   "Your honor, I'm a fucking fat autistic faggot that has no control over my thoughts.  I like to javacode and have gay sex, as you now know, I'll suck your dick if you take me to the chamber."


So lately, the past week or so. I've been dreaming about different girls.
My dreams varies from erotica to genocide.   Just raping and murdering all Asian and Latina women to marrying someone else I had a crush on in high school.  I always wondered if I could look at my first wife and be able to love her like I love Jenni but I can't.  She's white and Jenni's Asian.  I contradict myself and hypocritical in all senses when I lash out at interracial sex and mix breeding because my god,  my daughter is half white and half Asian.  I completely blame myself but I love my daughter and it's not her fault.
Man, if I ever dated a girl I went to high school with, and wanted an everlasting relationship with one of them, I'd have to say I would have it with this girl named Molly.  She's like the first girl I spoked to in middle school and god she was so fucking adorable.  Had the sweetest voice too.   But that's really a hypothetical scenario, in reality, she dates douchebags and morons.
That's why I hate going to my reunions. I see her with some dumbass that I see everyday working at Dominos Pizza, fucking pizza delivery driver.  While she's banging out a job that pays good, with an average education.
She rather date retards with 8 dollar per hour jobs with barely a G.E.D.
By the way, she looks a lot like my first wife, just skinnier.  Molly is skinnier.
Just to clear that up.  Don't want her to stumble upon m blog and think that I'm calling her fat or some shit.  I bet she is fat now though.
Her boyfriend bringing home Dominos Pizza every fucking night.   Hahaha.
I really shouldn't bag on Justin, he was pretty cool in high school.
But what happened to him after school ended?  Can't be a jock anymore if you're into partying every night like a dumb douche, right? 

So yea, besides dreaming about girls from high school, I also dream about killing Mexican women.  Doesn't stop there, I kill Asian women too and the Blacks.  I don't even take the time to rape the black women, I just kill them.
AIDs can kill you these days, you know.  AIDs originating from Africa, and lazy whites bringing them 10 feet tall starving Africans over by the ship-loads, just spread AIDs all around America over-time.  Like why the fuck would you bring over a bunch of niggers then wage war over the freedom of them monkeys?
That's why I loved my American History classes, they were the best. 
I could sit back, crack racist jokes and laugh at the white students with the guilty look on their faces.  Why even feel guilty about enslaving blacks?
Look at how Blacks have ruined your white community, you fucking assholes.
And you want to sit back and feel bad for putting them their hard labor and stripping them of their freedom?   You fucking brought AIDs over to this country, asshole.   

I don't even feel ashamed about hating on Blacks.
How many niggers you think wrap their dick up with a condom?
None, they never protect themselves. That's why they all have fucking AIDs.
I bet my sister has fucking AIDs.  I should trick her into getting tested.
I would bet my life, that out of the fifty or so niggers she has fucked, that 49 or so of them carried AIDs.   Bet me in real life, I'd totally win. 
If by some chance, she hasn't contracted AIDs yet, I'll give it to her myself. I know a few homeless niggers at the library coughing up their hearts and organs sitting there reading the news paper.    

And you know, at the same time... All of my friends and homies are Blacks.
I have like 7 ride or die brothers that I know from my days who are true brothers.  They date true sisters, the independent, getting in yo mother fucking face black women.   Them ladies are hard to please.
I would know, I dated a black girl once.  Shut the fuck up.  I am allowed to be a hypocrite to myself, OK.  And I wore a condom.  But the thing about black women that I love so much is that they have a personality and they laugh at shit.  White girls, they're fucking obnoxious and materialistic and plain stupid.
Asian women are fucking loud and snobby, the sex is boring because they don't know how to straddle and ride from atop.  I'm always in control when I'm screwing Jenni.  But me and her, we role play and shit when we get into the mood.  We literally own every fucking merchandise from the sex shop except dildos.   I told her, I will not accept dildos in my house, that's just a no-no.   

So, as I was saying, my most trustworthy friends are blacks, with street code. They don't snitch, and when cops ask them shit, they don't know nothing. That's the way it is, and that's the way they are and I have the most respect for them.  My fucking Asian friends would snitch me out, because they think they'd have more lucks scoring the Asian girls with me out of the picture.
When I was serving three months in Country Prison, I had more females visited me than my Asian friend have for cousins in Vietnam and there, everyone is cousins with one another.    I'm a very confident man, I may not appear so, but goddamn when i want something I get it.  I'd write these sweet little letters to these girls, asking them to come see me and they'd invite their sister and their best girlfriends and I'd have three girls sitting in front of me while I was cuffed and shackle.  No, really.  I never had a visitor though when I was in jail because I was thrown in the hole, isolated from population for most of the duration I spent in jail.  Was busy getting gassed and sprayed for popping sprinklers and refusing to hand back my lunch tray, which I used for popping out the glass window in the cell door.  Was hilarious and worth the week of scratching and itching from all that gas.   Fuck the police, right?

Some of you may have seen me show my arm on tinychat before, some have seen photos, well, I have tiger strips tatted on my right forearm down the palm of my hand.   My daughter calls me Tiger some times when she's in play-mood, she'd call out "daddy tiger! daddy tiger!"   Thank God, she has never seen Winnie the Pooh.     She would be calling me Tigger.  Such a sissy name, man.  Thinking about getting stripes down my right leg and ankle some day. 

You know those fucking kids that wear shirts that are either too fucking big or too fucking long, that hangs down to their fucking knees.  I am talking about shirts that just goes down far too long. What's up with that? Is that some sort of new douchebaggery fashion statement?  It's not even gangster.  Looks fucking silly.   Here's an example. Like really, what the fuck is this?

I get slacking your pants down a little to bag them out, that has been around for the past forty fucking years.  But long ass T shirts, are you fucking kidding me?   This is an example of what kind of guy Molly dates. A douchebag that wears long ass t-shirts or basketball jerseys everyday.   If only I was uncontrollably violent like I used to be, I'd knock the fucking shit out of all of these fucking bums.  How do you even expect to throw a punch with a shirt like that?  Get your elbows caught up in your shirt.  I assume anyone who wears shirts like this is a kid, because really, if you're a grown ass man wearing this shit, you clearly have no dignity or self respect, you fucking low life piece of shit. 

Here's the last part of my skit for today.
Poetry night at this Restaurant I go to once a week , it's actually a Thai Restaurant with white owners and they've got this really nice lounge setting and they do bands and poetry, other shit in there. Real classy. My girlfriend keeps egging me to do one of my slams on open mic night but I'm not sure if I want to in front of a bunch of hippies.  Only times I see brothers there are when I invite them to come see Poetry night with me, and have a few beers. 
I don't like rapping for hippy ass white folks, they wouldn't understand the life we go through, struggling in strife and having it hard knock.   I'm going to go tonight just to listen to some of the poetry, and nice soft music, with a beer in hand.  I'll prepare something in case I want to share but nothing thug-matic, nomsain.  

See you guys next week or something.