Friday, July 6, 2012

Dudes and cellphones.

What's the big idea, bitch?

I'm taking a stroll from Sea-Side parking lot, where I park my car to walk to the library every other day or so . On two different occasions, two different fucks bump into me because they were looking down at their phones, texting.   I swear to god, and I posted this on facebook, too.  I will fucking punch the next guy that bumps into me looking down at his phone like a fucking faggy piece of shit.   There's really no fucking way to explain how mad I am.  I have a phone, a blackberry and recently, Jenni bought me an Android.
I've probably made about three fucking texts in the past 6 months.   I have about 90 people on my contact list and probably called over 200 different people from my phone.   And in all that time, this year, I've texted three times give or take.    Sure, I used to tweet from my phone but never while driving or walking on the sidewalk where I may crash or bump into people. Fucking retards.  Pick your nuts up, seriously.  

Only girls and women are the exception for their texting addiction, because women are fucking dull and having chats with them over the phone are boring.    If you're a man , dragging your feet while you walk looking down heavily awaiting with anticipation or jamming your fingers down at your fucking keys, while you should be looking to see if someone is walking in front of you, then you deserve to get yourself beat.  Fucking nigger was staring down at his fucking blackberry walking crisscross, fucking taking up the whole side walk and bumps into me and says "dawg............"   Fuck you, nigger.   

You know those fucking boys who think they're tough shit when they're sitting up at 3AM in their bed texting their other boyfriends asking what they're doing?  I mean besides what every other person besides your own lonely ass, we're all sleeping.  Yet you think it's a brilliant idea to send us texts. 
That's the only reason I keep my phone off when I'm sleeping.   That's also why I don't give out my number to just anyone.  I did that once, gave my number to a kid I met and he blew up my phone with texts like a fiend.
Fucking A.  I wish they'd just keep phones simple.  Now people can sit at park benches and browse the net on their phone while texting and being a complete faggot all to themselves.  I just hate the idea that men are succumbing to such feminine activities such as constant texting and living your life on a phone. 

Has this world become so distant that we all fucking text and tweet down everything rather than using what phones were made to do, like calling the person?   How low has society fallen?  

In other news , my sister is back in Jail.
My brother and I made about 2grands in a couple of nights roaming the streets.  I won't get into too much details but I do have a new laptop and iPod.   He's got a rifle and a hunting knife, yea.

Probably the biggest news is that I'm going to have a son.
Yeah, bitches. I thought it'd be longer till find out but Jenni went in and got examined and they saw the fetus and he definitely had my dick, that baby had a 2inch erected boner slapping against Jenni's belly.  That two inch will only get bigger with time like his father.  Yours truly.  In seriousness, it's a boy and me and Jenni are spending the whole weekend together trying to come up with a traditional Vietnamese name with meaning for our boy.   This is truly the most wonderful time in my life.  I get off paroles in two months if not less, and Jenni's due in Mid September.   My child will be blessed with perfect health and great looks, taking after his mother, really. He's going to rock a mohawk, believe it, assholes. 

After this baby , we're going to take a few months off to prepare and start our family then at the end of April, we're getting married.   So I expect a bunch of fucking gifts from all of you.    I have really turned my life around.  It took two years and a felony charge but honestly, who could say that my life sucks right now?   My girlfriend is fifty times more attractive than I'll ever be or get another of, she's irreplaceable and most importantly, she believes in me.

So does your mum and aunties, you faggots. 

Have a good weekend, yea?

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