Monday, June 25, 2012

Pissed Off!

It pisses me off how internet forums and chat rooms have gone to shit.
Every community I've visited is filled with festering fucks who think they know how to troll or think others fail, as if repeating the same fucking "you fail" line makes you any better.   I can't have open arguments and debates with anyone, it's impossible to find serious threads without some moron referring to trolls, umadbro, and you fail.   Since when has the internet sucked so much ass?  It's the same shit with retards who listens to Lil Wayne and says he's poetic and he's swag and balling. 

First off, I'd slam dunk over Lil Wayne.
Secondly, there's no poetry in any of his shit.
Finally, he doesn't even write his own lyrics.

I can't find a single fucking community that doesn't consist of retarded "trolls", fucking nigger lovers and homosexual supporters.  I just want a community without gay fag supporters and dumbass trolls.  I don't even care if I have to tone my language down a little.  I can control my aggressive nature simply if I had to and I would just only if I could find a respectable community.   Also the moderators and admins would have to be logical and not big fucking power hungry cocksucking fucks.

I've only ever been apart of like four communities, really.  Chat rooms and forums.ha IRC, Flame section and Random section.
Myspace Forums L&R , R&P , and the Anime section mostly.
RuneScape: Castle War Community.

See, Flixster, that was an original and a great community once.
I've gotten at least 20,000 post counts there,and I was known everywhere.
If I could take back some of the lies I've told on flixster, I would, trust me.
I've done and said some pretty shitty stuff that makes my stomach twist to this day, just thinking about it.   At least on flixster there were a ton of cute and adorable girls.  Some whores too.   I loved Flixster but I guess me and Shane helped ruin the Chatrooms with all of our trolls that got a bunch of kids crying to Admins.   It didn't help that I spammed a bunch of porn from trannies to gay men.  Then some asshole by the name of Rob took over and he had his ideas of making Flixster less social and more based around movies.  He led the whole Flixster Expert project.   That one time, I hacked Flixster to redirect users who clicked on their profile, they got redirected a Keylogger and Malware viruses.  It was the best and most notorious day in my life.  I even met the owner of Flixster in California, though under terrible circumstances.
Soon after, the forums got destroyed. We were no longer able to post HTML, no photos, no bold letters, no large letters and no links.  Forums were coming to an end and everyone knew it.    Everyone joined Facebook, created groups and pages, the whole she-bang.  Anyways, I met some of my best friends from Flixster.  Shane and Richard.

As for Powerbot, used to be fun.  Used to be filled with infamous troll phrases.  It was the first community I joined that allowed posting of porn, gore, bloody nuns and allowed us to talk shit to each other with little to no consequences.  I got hooked in the Flame Section, of course, post counts there didn't exist in that section, otherwise I would have had thousands of posts.  I shortly became a moderator there when I had my own personal RuneScape service.  I had so many vouches, so many views, so many orders and I was stealing everyone else's orders.  I had cheap and the fastest time done for Torsos.   Of course, I was a member of Barbarian Assault Addicts, and our clan finished games within 20 minutes, and we had secret methods of accumulating max points per round.   Being apart of Powerbot, I became more honest about things, about myself in particularly.

Myspace forums were the best.  My older brother used it too, so I could see what he was up to.  He met a few chicks from Myspace, and scored with them.     He's into that shit, meeting up with strangers and fucking them.  Some of them were hot, some cute, but none I'd fuck, personally.  I'm strictly Asian girls only now.   Again, he used the forums, I used the L&R (Love and Relationship) forums everynow and then but mostly, I used Religion and Philosophy.   I earned my first forum badge from R&P.  The Loyalty badge and the Protector badge.  For users who are active and for users who defend their religion and such.   The Anime forums were cool until it became less about anime and more about the retarded nonstop drama that escalated throughout all the other forums with the random invasion and shit.   Anyways, I used Myspace for stalking my school crush. Rebecca and Molly.  

RuneScape, CWC:  Was the best.  Cal, Aaron, Josh, Robert, Daz and Jarred.
God, CWC was the best.  I became popular and famous instantly when I first joined.  No, I was introduced and by Cal whom I met playing Castle Wars.  He was helping me learn the roots, the fundamentals of the game. Advance tactics and everything else he knew.    Shortly, I joined a real Castle War Clan and that's when everyone knew me from W52 on the RuneScape servers.   I was the ladies-man of the forums on CWC. Since everyone who played Castle Wars was Asian and Belgium, I was one of the better looking Asian guys.  
But of course, I was still young and foolish, I took advantage of a bunch of the girls and exposed their nudes to my other guy-friends.   They were all "Yo come on m8 let's get dem nudes pls I'll pay 10m"   It was like free money.
Anyways, I got hacked in the end, lost everything, was betrayed by friends and I had no interest in those Asian girls so I gave up, and leaked all the nudes I had and made fun of Jarred's cancer.   He was a bald 17 year old that used cancer to guilt women into internet dating him.   It was a hoot, sitting around watching him go up to girls on runescape and asking them out.  He ALWAYS mention cancer.  "Oh hey.  I bet you're cute and pretty in real life, I can tell from your pixel that you have a wonderful personality, I don't know if you have a boyfriend or not but I'm single, and you seem really wonderful want to date me?  I got cancer and I may die at any given time, which I hope you don't mind, I suffer a lot from trauma, abuse, and people who make fun of me.  But I'm strong, and I won't hurt you, I promise. "  So fucking epic.
But yea, I used to guilt Jarred into giving me bucket loads of gold, he was rich on runescape.  He must've had at least 50b from staking and hacking all of his little girlfriends.    

I miss these communities but I won't return to them. 
I need somewhere new, some place where nobody knows who I am so I can alter my attitude to adjust in with an entirely new and active community. 

teenzforums, rsportal, runedream, tekkennation, yugiohforums,, fucking Maruku's shitty site, forgot what it was called... they even banned me. 
Every place I go, I'm neither welcomed nor appreciated for my honesty.
These kids, they want to live in their make belief world, in their shitty dicksuck community for ranks and popularity, rather than learning and being told the truth, expanding their intellectuals. 

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