Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My PO wants me to work at the Boys and Girls Club

I laughed in his face when he offered me a new day job at the Boys and Girls club, here in Burlington.  I thought he was joking but he was serious.  He said I could quit my job at the Hotel and work with kids for shit pay.    I always thought my PO knew me better than most people did. Like he understood me.

Let me tell you all the bad things and reasons why I will never work at the Boys and Girls club.  

1)  It's all fucking African kids who can't speak English and the only words they know how to say is food and hungry followed by a motion of belly rubbing to show that they're starving niggers.  

2)  I'll probably influenced the children in a bad way, teach them bad things.
I'd probably make all the white and Asian kids racists, form a cult for children and brainwash them into believing niggers are vile savages.  Fucking primal criminals and AIDs infested apes.   

3)  The pay is a fucking joke. It's $8.25 per hour.  I'm not looking after a bunch of wild niggers for eight dollars.  I have taxes to pay thanks to these niggers and the nigger of a president, Obama.  I have taxes, I have a family now and I've just started getting my life together.  I make more than twice that at my current job where I work with friendly down to earth potheads that play poker all night and drink whiskey from a water bottle.  Fuck that noise.

4)  It's fucking summer, and I rather not be stuck inside all fucking day watching children in 90-100 degree weather. What's fucking wrong with you?
Who would even take such a fucking shitty job?   I walk out at nights in the garage parking lot, and I get a uniform with simple tools for the job.
Why would I trade that for a shitty Boys and Girls yellow tied-dyed shirt that says staff on the back?  Really?  At least have a fashion sense, right?
My woman loves my black uniform and how I wear my NY Yankees hat with it with the belt showing just enough to shout swag.  I come home and unzip my pants and drop my trouser and turn my woman on.  I can't go home with some ugly fucking yellow shirt.  Fuck that in the ass.

Anyways, I love kids and all, but niggers, no thanks.
Hell, if I saw a nigger boy drowning in 5 feet deep water right in front of me, I wouldn't move a muscle to save his fucking ass.  I'd stand there and laugh as he watches me in his final seconds struggling to swim.    I would then drag his dead weight body out from the water and cut gills into him and throw him back into the water and laugh as I think to myself he would emerge from the water slapping his feet together swimming like a dolphin.   That's what I would do.   Then a bunch of real dolphins will swim up to him and kill him. 

No such thing as a nigger dolphin. It would offend them greatly that a nigger ape would disguise himself as such a beautiful elegant creature such as the Dolphin species.   I hate niggers. 

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