Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Math class's top student.

Wasn't me but I sure was the brightest, believe it.  Teachers always told me, if I had written down how I solved the equations , I'd be an A+ student in math classes.   Well, that's too bad, I always had the right answers but I never worked them out on paper.  I really solved everything in my head.  That's how I go at math problems.  I would sit in class with my hoody and listen to my iPod while cranking answers to silly equations out like Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting. 

See, I didn't go to school for the grades or for any special attention.  I went to school to learn and to keep me occupy throughout the mornings and afternoons.  I was always giving my teacher trouble.  Especially the English teachers and history teachers.  I remember correcting my Math teacher and giving him a new formula to solve for X, he tossed me out of class and I pissed under the crack of the door to the classroom.  Got suspended for five days, not bad.    Creative Writing teacher would give us the most retarded assignments and I always done them on something that was raunchy, racist, explicit and obscene.   I've had to rewritten about 50 papers because of the topics I discussed.  Normally about drugs, addiction, Hitler, Racism, and niggers.   

I really did love school, I loved everything about it.  Where you stand , where you fit in and where you don't.  It was like a game.  Like all schools, we stereotyped our classmates and we separated apart from them at the lunch tables, in the yard, in gym.   But in Math classes, everyone came to me.  Honestly, I don't know why people came to me.  Maybe it was because I could solve their equations or answer their questions.  I literally gave all the cheerleaders and whores answers off my paper.  They always complained because I never showed them the way to solve it.  They ask if I had a special calculator that solved equations for me and I never answered.    That's what my teachers were concerned about that I was cheating.   I never cheated in my life except for Science and Chemistry.  Biology too. I fucking hated that shit.  When it came to their formulas, I knew them in the back of my head but I hated building projects or even worse, I hated presenting my projects in front of the classroom.  Science really isn't my thing nor is tech.

By my senior year, I only had like three mandatory classes that I had to attend.  Classes in high school are roughly around an hour and a half long, so I had a lot of time off from school senior year.   In fact, I rarely was seen my senior year at school.  I'd drive to school at like 10:30 AM for my first class, Advance Writing and Philosophy, Poetry and this one math class about learning how to write checks and other stupid retarded shit like stocks and I guess that's it.    In that senior year math class, they held a competition for all the seniors in the state.  Some stock and share holding simulator and the top five students that made the most profits would earn like 500 dollars and recommendation for college if we ever wanted to major in stock holding , business and whatever other shit.  I honestly, didn't care for any of that.  I just wanted my day to end as quickly as possible.    Well, bad news.  They assigned us a partner.  It was a two student partner competition and I had this new chick who moved from like Arkansas to Vermont and she had a lot of zits on her face but she was at the same time really pretty and down to earth.  I would have asked her out if I wasn't dating Becky at the time. 

When the project started, me and this chick I think her name was Amanda, I'll have to check my Year Book to find out but who really cares anyways?  Amanda and I exchanged numbers and she would always grab the morning papers and read the stock market to me, mostly we did this in the cafeteria but some times I'd grab us bagels on A days when we had this math class together and we'd chill out in my car.   She wanted to plan everything out with me together because she knew I didn't really show up in class much, haha.
Well, I already picked the five-six businesses that I wanted to buy thousands of shares from.  Microsoft, Apple and at the time McDonalds was doing their whole Monopoly boardgame thing again so I bought a bunch of shares for McDonalds.   She wanted to buy some car companies , some oil companies and the ones she picked fucking ruined us.  I bought a ton of shares for movie production companies as well because of major box office hits, and the retards in my senior class were too stupid to think about product and merchandise release and the hype and attention they would draw.  All of those idiots bought shit for like Beer Company, Sports team, and shit that appealed to them coming off as "cool."  

Well, Amanda said she refused to work with me on this because I was in control of everything and that I was a control freak who despised her or some crap.  So the teacher split the both of us up and she was working on her thing and I was working on mine.  I told  her, she should have stayed with me because we were already ahead of everyone in earnings by a large margin and still she refused because she wanted to buy fucking girly girl products and the whole music industry shit that appealed to her and the media loving faggots. 
Well, 90 days of this went by and finally they announced the top five students and teams, and well, I was number 1. I had won and crushed my competition by a couple million dollars.   Each student was given 10 thousand dollars to buy stocks and shares.  I made 10 thousand turn into 14 million dollars in three months of navigating the system.  Don't believe me?  Ask my former teacher.  She's a total slut that drinks regularly at Mike's pub on Main St. I'll look up the number but you can call the place at any time from 9pm to 10pm and ask for her.  Fuck, I honestly don't even remember her name it was something crazy like Ms. Schuzpow12873467124jdgfash.    Exactly.  I'd think up a better story to tell if I was in the mood for lying.

Amanda made the teacher force me into splitting my 500 dollar earnings even when I presented evidence that every stock that Amanda purchased, I sold the day after she left my team.  So, out of generosity I gave her 250 dollars and she still felt like she was something special, like she really tried to claim credit for my victory.    This is why I hate doing projects with other people.  I sit and do all the fucking work and later, they claim credit for shit they barely put any effort into.  It's a fucking mockery and a damn insult.   

By the way, Amanda has two half black half whatever the fuck she is, some freaky zitfaced conniving bitch babies and she's chubby, single and unemployed.  I pay taxes, and some of my tax money goes to this bitch so that she can continue to live.  Such fucking bullshit.  The government, the feds, the whoever can do anything about this should go fucking put a bullet into her head and dump her nigger babies into the water and let them drown. 
It's fucking disgusting how we let losers, fucking lazy nigger loving pieces of shit like her live and we must pay taxes for them to fucking take up all of our resources.   I am fucking heartless, so the fuck what?  When you get a fucking job, have a family and must pay taxes, you will understand what I am going through.   It's not even like I'm complaining about taxes and niggers this time.  I'm complaining that everyone who fucking graduates high school should be more than capable to get a fucking job and do something with their life.  I know a kid who dropped out of school sophomore year just so he can work full time to support his family and his own drug addiction.  I couldn't give a shit about his drug addiction or how he spent his money but at least he did something about it.  

I hate lazy fucks who refuses to make a differences in their own life.
People who sit around waiting for others to do something for them. 
Fuck you. I'll fucking shove a graphing calculator up your fat fucking ass and ram my entire arm up through your anus and grab your beating heart and crush it in the palm of my hands.  I have a lot of rage buried in me and one day, one of these fucking losers will feel my wrath.  

Yours truly, 

The Brightest Math student of Colchester High School. 

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