Saturday, June 16, 2012

Clearing some things up

Fuck, my class of 07 reunion is today.  I can't go because I've made promises to Jenni that today I'd spend time with her family over some tea and egg rolls.  Fuck you guys. The English have tea and biscuits. The Irish have beer and Lucky Charms.  Us Asians have tea and egg rolls or dumplings but I'm positive they made them though.   

Anyways, the real reason I want to attend the reunion now opposed to prior to today is because I had a dream last night...  OK, before I tell you about my dream, let me tell you what happened last night between me and Jenni.


She was flexing her ass in front of the TV and I happened to walk by and say something that I would regret.  I said to her and I quote "Flex that ass bitch!"
That was mistake number one, Jenni hates being called a bitch.  She thinks it degrading and misogynist.   She's one of those who believes in sisterhood and women's right and equality.  So, I tried to play it off as a playful act leading to foreplay but that wasn't happening on Jenni's watch.  Every time I've called her a bitch in the past, she walks her pussy in the car and locks the door.
She doesn't even drive away.  She wants me to know that she's in control.
She responded, "Oh god, shut up, I'm not in the mood for it tonight."  I said, I was sorry and I just wanted to spend tonight with her.  She said "my parents want us to see them tomorrow"  I said, "Sure, whatever. Not like I wanted to go to my fucking 07 reunion down at the bay anyways, with a bunch of clingy fucks I despised for being lesser than me."   She said, "Oh I forgot about that, and didn't you want to see your high school crush with her new boyfriend?" then she gave me a sarcastic wink.  It pissed me off, and I wanted to grab her by the throat and slit her breast and beat her legs off her pussy."  I hated the fact Molly ignored me after high school, when ever I've tried to contact her, she blows me off with her bullshit.  So instead of grabbing my woman by her throat and slicing her tits off,  I tried to gently jab her in the arm with my fist.  Just a gentle jab, nothing hard.

Second mistake, and this mistake kicked the shit down the throat of the first mistake.   As gently as I punched her, she shouted in my apartment, and minutes later an officer came up and through my door.  But before the officer came, this is what took place.  My Fiancee, Jenni, got punched gently, though she claims it hurts.  It was a soft dead-arm punch.  She was totally over-reacting.  Or maybe I'm just a bad motherfucker but trust me, as much as I love fighting, I don't hit women with any intention of harming them. Normally just a small dap in their upper arm to shut them up.  She gets right up to my face and says "Hit me in the face if you're so fucking tough."  I was wondering what made her over-react like this.  I know Asian women have the tendency to  yell and swear at a high volume but this was just a gentle jabber-dap.   She flipped out and started screaming more retarded shit that made me want to beat her teeth down her throat but as a gentleman, I said I was sorry.

She kept going though.  "You preach about men respecting women but you treat me with no respect at all, you're a fucking jerk.  You think it's playful or a joke to hit me?  It hurts you fucking dick. You call me a bitch and then hit me.  You're no different from the niggers that you hate, you are a nigger and I fucking hate you."   I quickly tried to silent her by saying, I loved her, to assure and ease her to relax.  She was totally overreacting.  If the blacks downstairs, didn't hear her than they are deaf monkeys.   I tried to hug Jenni but she slapped my hand away and said "Don't touch me, you fucking dick." 

Boy, I know through experience from living with my own parents, typical Asians.  They yell all the time and every other line is a long line of cuss words stringed together.  Like "fucking dick fag, buttcrunching  boobie blower, go pour salt in your asshole"  Shit like that, and Jenni was starting that shit which irritates the fuck out of me.  I grabbed her this time and right then the Officer comes in.  So fucking inconvenient.  Because grabbing a woman is assault, and assaulting a woman is automatically five years and a felony record. Fuck off.    Officer calls in his radio and says we've got a crises upstairs in apartment B1.  I told him to fuck off, which is terrible idea and mistake number two.  Which kicks the shit out of my first mistake.  The officer was like melodramatic.  "What did you fucking say to me , kid?"  I repeated myself, because I was being irritated by Jenni and at the same time, simultaneousness, Jenni says "Fuck off, and he's not hurting me, we were playing a game, so kindly leave, because our clothes are coming off."    Officer looks at me, and I look at Jenni, surprised but at the same time, I know she was down for me. She'd never allow me to go back to Jail.   Officer said to me, "Watch your tone next time, kid.  Thank your lady, I didn't bust your ass down."   I shouted back, knowing he was already down the stairs, "Fucking retard.  Don't come in my apartment again, could have caused a heart attack, you perverted fuck"  He looked back and said "With your tinydick, I'd die laughing"  Oh, you!  I swear, I fucking hate that officer.  Always getting the last word in with me.

I turn back and walk back into my apartment and Jenni stood there, growling, like a puppy, or something.  I was confused.  She said "I'm going home, and you have to decide whether or not you're attending your reunion or spending time with my family."    I hate her, I swear to god.  She knows I want to spend time with her but every time she brings up Molly, a girl I grew up having a huge crush on, even while I dated Samantha, I always looked and thought of Molly.  Anyways, Jenni packs her shit and heads out.  I followed her and she cracked her window down in the car and I said "Come back upstairs baby and shake your ass, I can't sleep without cuddling you and I don't have work, come back up. I'm sorry, I was wrong and out of line. I won't hit you again, even lightly, because now I know you're a major sissy girl. Anyways, I promise to see you and your family, and we'd go see my family tomorrow evening."

She giggled, apologized then she said she couldn't spend tonight with me, she had to go help her parents prepare for tomorrow's date. 

So, I'm alone in my bed last night and if I remember correctly, my last thoughts were of Molly, and then I dreamed. I dreamt that I was going to be the father of Molly's baby, that Molly replaced Jenni in my new life.  That Molly and I were happy. That I had a success on the debut of my first rap album.  It went platinum. I made millions. I was already requested back at the studio, I was somebody. I was due to appear on MTV.  I lived a fantasy but with a girl that I long cared for.   But I woke up at 2AM and started wanking randomly, and walked to my kitchen and grabbed a few beers and sat down on my couch.  I starred at a black TV Screen I then thought to myself that tomorrow, I'd attend both the family meeting and my reunion.  It was a chance to confront Molly. It was my chance to change my life.  I thought it was something I wanted, but this morning, I had myself another few beers and here I am at the library, writing this blog, as if it meant the world to me and it does.

Some day, I'll confront Molly, and some day, she'll understand and believe what I told her over facebook were more than words.   I have tried so hard, to express my feelings to Molly. It was even before I dated Jenni, but Molly always blew me off.   How is it that you, a beautiful white woman can date a dumbass nigger, a dumb redneck douchebag who doesn't know how to dress himself and date a fucking retard like Justin, and not give me a chance to explain myself?  Do you think those guys felt the way they do about you for as long as I did?  Whatever, I don't want to ruin what I have with Jenni. I've already made the mistake in proposing, I'm engaged and bond to a pact I made with her, with a holy pact, you ever break that bond, you'll go to hell. As God as my witnessed, I already vowed I'd always be there for Jenni and I don't plan on going back on my word or going to hell for a silly high school crush.    In fact, fuck Molly. Seriously.   If she hasn't learned by now from all her past boyfriends, that she's only being used , I have no goddamn sympathy for her.   I do wish her the best, I do wish Justin was a little more careful and had more manners and respect.  It would make me happy.   

Anyways, so that dream is in conflict with my promise to Jenni.
So, after I shutdown from here, I have to make a few calls, and download a few things then I must go home and bathe again, clean up, shave and be ready for embarrassment.  Once the baby pictures are leaked, I'm doomed for. 

See, I have this one picture, well, many pictures of this one day.
This one day, I went to see Santa for the first time at the Mall, and this was in California, when I lived there as a child , I went on Santa's lap and pissed myself.  Santa didn't know it, nobody knew it, till I got up from his lap. My fucking shorts were soaked, and Santa's lap was all wet.  I was embarrassed out of my mind and scared to death.  Alright, I was a kid, an Asian kid, I never fucking heard of Santa and my mum was pressuring me to get my picture taken with that fat red and white fat lard piece of shit.   And the fucking long white beard didn't help, alright.   And I had long hair as a child, it was embarrassing as fuck.   Also, I'll probably just delete this part of this blog post in a week so nobody can remind me of my Santa pissy pants day.

Catch you on the flip. 

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