Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New fetish, please understand there's no hard feelings.

Lately, I've been getting into this new fantasy of things. A new fetish perhaps and it's going to offend a lot of people.  I get excited when I pretend I'm beating up a nigger.  Wait just a minute.  I got this black punching bag that I decided to hang at my mum's place, because, there's really no room back at my apartment and I don't want the savage niggers that live downstairs to tear it open.  We all know how primal and violent blacks are, since they evolved from apes and chimps.  They have no manners, no respect for nature.  Hell, if you roll a banana in a turd, the monkey would still eat it.  

So I hung this black punching bag up at my mum's place, and you know, I got real into this whole new kickboxing thing that was a new way for me to bulk up and tone my body, to get ripped like Bruce Lee.  My fucking idol, you know. That man was more than just a stunt ass kicking martial arts expert, he was a philosopher as well.   And boy, when I started kicking and backhand punching the fuck out of that black punching bag, I couldn't help to think that my bag, was a nigger who was standing two feet in front of me.  I jumped up and did this spinning wheel kick shit right into the heart of the nigger.
I propped the fucking bag up, and held it in my hands, looked directly at it, and fuck, I lost myself in the moment.  I shouted at the bag.

I fucking shouted at the punching bag. No damn lie, no fibs, no tall tales, no jokes. I held it up, and shouted "You mother fucking lazy ass cunt, go get a fucking job, you no good for nothing coon muffin cotton pickin monkey nigger, AIDs infested cocksuckin' booty hole dickbouncing Jewish nigger."
I said all that then released my posture and allowed the bag to swing back once, then right back at me, and then I just gave it a fucking uppercut and walked into my mum's house and drank some kool-aid.  It was grape flavored. 
I bet that bag, was pretty damn beaten and jealous of my grape kool-aid. 

So, I've had my punching bag for about two days, and in those two days. I've spent about 5 hours total beating the fuck out of it, and for at least 4 hours and 50 of those minutes, I imagined a big tall dumb ass looking mother fucker standing in front of me.  Big fat purpled lips just fucking waiting for me to make my first move. My first would be my last, cuz if that Punching bag, punched bag, it'd beat the fuck out of me before I could land another punch.  Damn man, though I pick on niggers for being pussies, cuz they have to form gangs and go around piling one man because they afraid to fight man to man, I know at the bottom of my heart, a nigger, a full bred nigger raised into this earth as a crack baby, growing up in the ghetto, that kind of bred nigger would drop my fucking ass.  And I'm not afraid to admit that I'm weak compared to gorillas.

In my mind though, I could take the beating and still come out victorious.
Man, I'd love to fight a nigger for once, but everytime I'm face to face with a nigger, he either has fifty of his coon berry friends there with him or I am strapped with a gun.  Yeah, man.  Back a few years ago, I had to carry a nine with me.  Hell, my older brother had an automatic in the passenger seat. 
But now, I really want a nigger to one day just start some shit with me, I'd really fuck his shit up.   I'd quickly run and make his stupid raging monkey ass chase me.  Knowing how fast he was, I'd probably have to do some shit like spit a huge lugie in his face, maybe right in the eye.  Then I'd run like Forest Grump, no looking back, just run into an alley and you know when you spit in the face of a nigger, they'd fucking find you and rock your shit up.  No problem.  Find me, you dimwitted retarded gorilla. I got a brick waiting around the corner for your stupid ass.   Take that brick to his fucking face, pull my knife out and start cutting into his ankles. I'd probably snap it back a little, and just jump on it, praying that I break a few bones.  After that, no nigger will be standing no ten feet tall on my ass, I'd lose the brick and start practicing my Tai Chi shit on his fucking ass. Whoop the mother fucker up.

Man, I really do wish a nigger would come fuck with me.
I'ma train and become a UFC fighter, that's the whole deal these days, you gotta train for UFC fighting or else you're nothing.  They are the elites when it comes to ass kickery.  I really do need those Sodas to fatten up so I can tone and turn fat into muscles.  Jordan, you gotta ship me those fucking Cherry cokes, man.   Then I could really get my Brock Lasner on. No fucking joke, man, that guy is a fucking beast.  Even though he made a very terrible decision by going back and joining the WWE, it still doesn't change the fact that he was one of the most fierce mother fuckers to step into an Octagon. 

Just try it guys, just try fucking with me. I'd roast your black ass to crisp. 

Yours truly,

Angry Asian dude. 

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