Saturday, June 9, 2012

My sister is a retard.

So yesterday, I went to court representing the "responsible adult" on behalf of my mother whom was probably playing black jack at a casino in New York or Canada.   My sister, you see, doesn't tell anyone her situation so everything is last minute with her.  Nobody was able to prepare to stand in Court so she decided to ask her attorney at the last possible minute to call me and ask that I stand in so that she doesn't end up going to jail.

Fuck.  If I knew my sister would go to jail if I hadn't stepped in, I wouldn't have picked up a random caller's call.   But I felt so damn lonely with my fiancĂ©e being at her mother's for the day and I had nobody but niggers downstairs to talk to, I answered the phone and this Jewish fuck asked me directly , if I'd be able to come down to the court house, and step in and represent the responsible adult for my sister.  

The judge had quite the sense of humor. 
The state representatives were two fat ladies. 
My sister's attorney was some handsome fella that looked like he just came out from law school.
I didn't trust either the state or my sister's attorney. He was too young to understand justice.
Hell, I hate pretty much all attorneys.  They're all assholes and unrighteous dickwads. 

I hate the justice system, first of all and secondly. 
I believe in the death penalty and I believe all niggers are guilty till proven innocent

See, us Asians, we don't commit any of them petty crimes. 
We don't fucking mug people. We don't rob liquor stores and we certainly don't steal unless it's at a garage sale. And trust me, we're quick like ninjas , you wouldn't see us pocketing your shit. 

When it comes to Asians and crimes, we commit trafficking crimes, murder, and occasionally we rape a white girl or two.   You know how hard it is for Asian men to find white girls to love and be attracted to them?   I say them, instead of us, because I have no problem attracting white girls. Yeah. 
As I was saying, it's hard to get a white girl to fall for an Asian man.   I've never seen an Asian with a white girl in my life, man. Never once.  I've seen some trashy Asian wangsters get with hoochie nigga bitches.
What's even more rare is an Asian fella with a hot Latina.   Man, I remember growing up with this guy I called "Coolie" he was a big bad Asian thug, and he was also a very close friend of my family. 
Him and my brother would go out at nights and hold guns to people and steal their wallets.  
But Coolie, was and is the only Asian brother I know that has ever and is still with a hot sexy latina woman. This bitch came straight from a Hollywood Picture, I swear, she had them nice big tits, and that ass, holy shit.   Jennifer Lopez except less trendy and nicer tits.  I've seen her tits too. I think I tried to milk her once. 

Anyways, what I'm saying, is my sister is a retard , and I hate public defenders who get paid shit to represent guilty criminals who would rather lie their way out then to accept responsibility for their actions. 
Let me tell you what she's being convicted for.

Two counts of simple assaults.  
One count of aggravated assault. 

This is how it went down, OK.

Two, simple assaults were on these two other bitches that I'm sure that I know, well, my sister's nigger boyfriend cheated on my sister for these two other girls, at both different time.   My sister found out through searching his facebook and "signing into it"  , because her boyfriend is also a dumb sorry country ass slave monkey that saved his password onto the computer so that anyone could access it.   So my sister beat up these two other monkey bitches.

Second case, she beats up this little middle school girl.
WHAT THE FUCK? You're 18, 19, and you want to beat up a girl that's barely 13.
What the fuck is wrong with you? Have you no shame? Why on earth would you feel the need to beat up a little girl?   And you know what else? I knew that little girl.  Whenever I drop my daughter off at the elementary school, I'd see this girl there standing at the bus stop to catch the middle school bus. 
My sister's reasoning was "That little bitch was saying shit about my boyfriend and called me a slut."

First off, you are a slut and your boyfriend deserves to be dissed about.  He's a dumb unemployed retarded ass pot smoking cock sucking rat.  Ten feet tall snitchin' ass nigger.  And my sister hasn't grasp the realism that is, her boyfriend pretty much broken up with her.   Derp.

You know, with my ties in the Asian community, I know a lot of people and I've gain a ton of respect among the older men who have daughters, kids and wives of their own.  They know I'm starting a family again and that I'm going to be getting off paroles, and finally returning to the Public Asian Community. PAC. Just made this up.  Pretty catchy if you're not Asian because they would pronounce it as Paa! Weee paaa! 
Anyways, everyone of these older gentlemen and ladies fucking hate my sister.  They all think she gives Asians a bad name.  If war ever broke out between the Asian Community and Niggers, my sister would be over there sharing all sorts of STDs with niggers, and firing back at us. She's the biggest goddamn race traitor I have ever seen.  I hate my sister and I'm glad that she's tied down in a straight jacket getting raped by 500 pound guards who probably get no puss, other than from mental crazy retarded bitches.

Get raped, whore.

As if I'd ever support your stupid ass.

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