Thursday, June 7, 2012

Showering in a public library bathroom?

Go fuck yourself.  I came from work, and decided to check facebook for updates on my class of 07 reunion and I had to take a leak.  I hurried to the bathroom, and there I saw a homeless fucking hippie with like five fucking bags, a straw hat, a fucking vest, and smelled like a seventy year old dying fuck who barely showers.   But that's exactly what this dumbfuck did.  This dumbfucking hippie was pouring water from the faucet to his face and body.  He was shirtless under the vest, which I suppose could be a water proof vest.  But what the fuck?

OK, fuck that asshole, OK.  I ignored the douche, took my piss and washed my hands.  As I went to wash my hands, he backed up behind me and gazed at me like some starving vulture preying on a small rodent.  This motherfucker asked me "Hey, do you have an extra shirt I could have man? I'll give you a smoke"  Fuck you, asshole. I don't smoke anymore and I don't have a damn shirt. 

Do people fucking carry extra shirts with them when they go to the library to use the fucking internet?  NO! I am so mad right now.  I've been sitting at the library downloading a bunch of Sega Genesis ROM for myself to play and I was downloading more My Little Pony episodes for my daughter when she comes over and play because I don't have cable and my daughter loves Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash.   She said to me once "Daddy if Rainbow Dash was a boy pony she would be my boyfriend , she is the coolest pony in Ponyville."  My daughter is adorable. 

So anyways, I've been sitting about, waiting for my downloads to finish and what not, suddenly, someone called me, I stepped out into the stairways to call my friend back and there sat the fucking homeless hippie wreaking of cat piss and foul body odor.   He was topless this time, reading what seemed to be an biography of Mark Twain.  He sees me and says "My vest is soaking wet, don't mind me."   I replied and said "Get a fucking job, asshole."
Not even going to return the phone call until I get home. Not stepping out there, with a shirtless-homeless-faggot-smelling of piss.

All this goes back to the 50 year old nigger that ruined my internet access at home for getting caught.  Hurry and end the fucking investigation.  Nobody in this home even uses the internet as much as me. So nobody else has child porn but that damn nigger you threw back in prison.   Fucking hate the feds.
I hate everyone with authority and abuses it.   

Abuse of authority, that fucking fat piece of shit, Chris. Aka Wei Su.
That kid banned me because I took five extra seconds to search and find an archive thread.  Boy, I bet he feels like a fucking jackass.  Stupidest kid on the planet, and he doesn't even have morale or an ego.  He's just a dumb lonely gay fuck that sits around on skype, playing retarded games with kids from powerbot.  Go ride your bike, and get hit by a car, asshole.   Fat piece of shit. I bet you smell like shit too.  Fatass too lazy to fucking shower and brush your teeth.   Your teeth are probably fucking yellow when they're not covered in cake frosting you fat fuck.

Speaking of lazy asses. My fucking sixteen year old brother got released from Juvie after serving a week, he was locked in his fucking room for 20 hours a day and not once did he chose to brush his fucking teeth.  What is up with that shit?  I am certainty not the only person that cares about dental hygienes, OK.   You aren't going to make a great impression kissing a lady with a mouth that smells like a public gas station rest room, OK.
I fucking brush every day, every afternoon, every night, and most of the time, I just brush right after I eat any form of meal.    My girlfriend has a habit of brushing her teeth all the time now, which is probably one of my favourite traits about her.  She barely smokes, and every time she wants to kiss me, she remembers to brush her teeth first.  I refuse to kiss a bitch that doesn't have  nice breath, mkay.   Like what makes a fucking person so damn lazy that they can't take five minutes out of their day to brush their fucking teeth?
You can sit on the computer for 20 fucking hours, but not brush your teeth for two minutes, twice a day?  Fat fucking loser. Get fucking cancer and die, you worthless dirty piece of shit.

Speaking of cancer, I asked Jenni what she would do for me, if she knew I was going to die next week of cancer and she said she'd do anything for me.    She said, she'd ride my dick, with a cowgirl hat on, pretending she's riding an electric bull.  She'd rob a bank with me if that's what I wanted to do. She said we'd go out like Bonnie and Clyde. Boy, did that make me feel good. 
But I don't believe a word of it. She's a mega pussy and riding my huge cock would probably end up poking the fetus in her belly.  HAHAHAHA!
Really though, Jenni's a big o'fraidycat.    She won't even stomp a spider. 
And any creepy critter, scares the shit out of her.   I really love her for that, ladies aren't supposed to be stomping out bugs and picking up slimy eight legged hairy fucks with pinsir-like arms and legs.   That's why she hooked up with a man like me. I go fucking berserk on them spiders, yo.

Speaking of Spiders,

Isn't Spider-man like the best fucking New York Super Hero?
I'll let you think of a better New York Super Hero, but hands down, Spider-man would rock his fucking shit.  Web to the face, and kicks to your groans.
Cya, faggot.  Game over. Kill yourself.

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