Monday, June 11, 2012

So I've been reading a lot lately,

Since my internet went out at home and nothing I can do to resolve that but go to the local library.  I started reading, my fiancee's idea and now I'm having trouble thinking clearly.  The novels and stories I've been reading are all about rape, murder, kidnap, abuse and crime.  All of these books are effecting my daily life but I cannot stop reading them.    I know most of my readers don't read novels.  They read funny blog skits about the shitty life of a blogger.

Alright, in the past two weeks, I've read these books.

Along Came a Spider by James Patterson
Kiss the Girls by James Patterson
The Dying Game by Beverly Barton
The Murder Game by Beverly Barton
The Devil's Teardrop by Jeffery Deaver

See, these are all suspense, murder, crime, mystery and intense page turners. I've read each of those books within two days or less.  Though, I've read Kiss The Girls at least four times now.  The rape, the suspense, the kill and the immoral acts are just too much to ignore.  Like as if it ignited a spark inside of me.  Maybe I was born to become a serial killer-rapist.  Just maybe.
These afterthoughts when I get through these books are intensified by a million once I start walking in public.   I look at people and I judge them for who they are and my judgement are rarely ever wrong.   So many people I pass everyday walking downtown , I could easily murder and for all the right reasons.   Douchebags that break people's car to steal GPS, to sell for weed.  Stupid pimpledface sluts sucking cock at the bus stop for 5 dollars.
I wish to myself, that I could stand up with the courage and end their pitiful lives but I don't like the consequences that comes with it.   Back in the 50s, I could kill a nigger and nobody would care.   I could beat and rape a whore and nobody would take her word for it.   I could beat the fuck out of my sister and start the first worldwide trend for emos, by accusing her of cutting and beating herself because she's an insane fucking retard.  

I think that would be neat.  If I could go back in time and start one of the world's biggest trend.  I probably wouldn't do the whole emo thing, that's not me.  I don't cut, and if I said my sister did it, and named it, my sister would get more credit from you lifeless gay self loathing fucks than I would. 
Nobody cares about the guy who came up with the name. They care about the subject. The doer.   I guess, I'd start something rad like. . .  Hentai or Rap. 
Find me a 1949 rapper or shut the fuck up.  I will be the one who starts rap, alright.  Rap would become huge in China, and all across Asia.  Niggers like Tupac and Biggie wouldn't exist.  They'd just be street rats  mugging people for dope and shit.  Like the lazy niggers that they are.   Speaking of niggers, there's a nigger sitting five feet to my right.

This nigger, just sitting here, to my right, five feet away. No books, no laptop, nothing. Sitting there looking stupid with his arms folded onto his chest.  Sitting there in his torn Reboks, stupid flat lids hat, baggy fucking black jeans and a pewter-ish coloured shirt.  Just looking around, sitting there like the homeless nigger that he is. He's probably no older than 22.  
Hell, I'm not surprised he's a homeless fuck.  Why on God's Green Earth would a mother want someone so disgusting and so much of a disgrace to take shelter in their home.  This nigger is fucking clueless, and if he took one glance at this blog, which I wish he did, I'd knock his ass back and shove a How to Get a Job for dummies book down his fucking throat, or up his ass, which ever helps him get the message.   I fucking hate niggers like this.

Speaking of this blog, this blog needs more followers, more views and more attention. I've put my heart and soul into this blog recently.  Though, I could take more pictures.  Maybe I'll start doing that, posting photos of myself and my surroundings so you get a better idea of what I'm blogging.
Though, I can't really hold my phone up, taking snaps at coon monkeys at a public library.  Hell, if I got kicked out and banned from using the public library for beating a nigger to death, I wouldn't be able to update this blog.
Maybe if he goes into the bathroom, I'll follow behind and lynch his fucking ass in there.  I've always wanted to give someone a swirly, and how fitting would it be if my first victim was a nigger? 

Now for my daughter, there's a reason why I am including her into this blog post.  She made her first racist remark this weekend when I had her over to watch Peter Jackson's King Kong.   She said, "daddy is that why people call black people monkey cuz they are hairy and black like king kong?"
My dear princess is all grown up now and ready to indulge on daddy's secret fantasy.   I want to tell my daughter all the bad things about black people but I don't want her taking this stuff to school.  I know my ex wife is a racist. She hates niggers but I'm not sure how well and affective she passed that trait down to our daughter.    I really want to teach my daughter about all the incriminating acts and primal ways that niggers act and why she must live her life, dedicated to eradicate them.  I want my daughter to grow up and become a successful black hunter.  She'll be known as the Nigger Huntress.
A well known Assassin of negroes and would kill any nigger from David Ortiz to common street thugs and all the way up to Obama.   She'd be like Haku or a female version of Zabuza.   If you don't know who either Haku or Zabuza are, you need to go eat a dick and fuck yourself, you stupid uneducated cunt.
Zabuza is a rogue ninja of the hidden mist village who took Haku under his wing that has a special kekkei genkai. Ice style. 

Yo, so did I just threw some Naruto bits into my blog? What the fuck.
Hahaha, I've recently been able to watch the past three episodes that I missed, finally, remembering to bring my own set of headphones with me this time.  Normally I forget them in the car or I misplace them somewhere.

You should see the inside of my car. It's a fucking mess. Hahaha.
In the backseat, there's soda cans, beer bottles, shoes and clothes everywhere.  The passenger seat, at the bottom, filled with fast food wrappers and again, bottles and cans.  I think one of my main priority for today is cleaning my car out which I'll tend to once I'm finished here at the library.  Going to find a nice romantic novel with tons of sex, and killing in it.
Something only Beverly Barton could write.

Here's my list of activities for today.

Cleaning out car,
Going home to shower and a couple wanks,
Watch a few episodes of Gossip Girl,
You'll probably be mad , but I'm watching    Glee too. That show rocks your socks. I swear to God, I watched like five minutes of that and started masturbating.   How many of you have wanked with a sock on before?
I came inside one of my socks one time... 

Oh right, 

Cleaning out my car,

Watch TV,
Make a few calls,
Pick up Jenni,
Get my penis licked,
Head home and watch more TV,
Listen to slow jams,  Order pizza,
Masturbate some more while she's studying,
Then drive her home,
Drive myself home,
Watch some porn I downloaded at the library...
Ejaculate in one of my old work boot I leave laying under my bed.
I'm going to have to maneuver swiftly if I want to jizz into my shoe while being too lazy to pull the shoe out from under the bed. I got this technique, I just wank and ready to release a load, having it bounce off the bottom board of my bed and landing straight down into my shoe.  Too much? 


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