Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Quick catch up.

You ever gone somewhere so frequent that the bar tender knows your order no matter the mood you're in?  I went in for a drink and to watch the ball game last night before heading to work and it seems I caught the post game show, which is fine because I don't care to watch Sports unless it's Gymnastics or  the Olympics.  When I can, I try to catch some Tennis series too. I like Tennis and Gymnastics. I don't do them, I like watching them.   Ever seen Andy Roddick serve a fucking 150mph serve straight at your cock?   It's impressive.   And Gymnastics, my god, that is probably my favourite sport to watch and it has nothing to do with women or skinny petite girls in leotards.   They are amazing. Uneven bars and floors is my favourite event to watch, really a truly spectacular thing to watch.  Hell, I wish Gymnastics was on TV 24/7, I'd sit home and watch that all damn day.  You probably wouldn't hear from me again. 

Anyways , I came in and found out the bartender, (Michelle) got fired because she didn't card a bunch of kids.  So some new dipshit didn't know that I drink Heineken till I got drunk.  Let me tell you, Heineken is only like 7% , but I love the taste so I drink it casually. Hell, my fridge used to be filled with deli meat and Heineken.   So this dipshit limited me to one beer and kicked me out because I was "loitering" , dumbass fuck, I come here almost every night of the week to watch ESPN and drink like 20 beers.   I didn't want to make a scene so I told him to fuck himself and flipped over some tables and took off in my car.  No I really didn't do that but I would have if I had cancer.  I'd blame cancer for all my problems.    "Your honor, I was scared that my cancer was going to kick in if I didn't have my fill in beer, so I acted out of raw emotion and fear of death and flipped over a few tables."  Or I could plea under insanity, that would work.   "Your honor, I'm a fucking fat autistic faggot that has no control over my thoughts.  I like to javacode and have gay sex, as you now know, I'll suck your dick if you take me to the chamber."


So lately, the past week or so. I've been dreaming about different girls.
My dreams varies from erotica to genocide.   Just raping and murdering all Asian and Latina women to marrying someone else I had a crush on in high school.  I always wondered if I could look at my first wife and be able to love her like I love Jenni but I can't.  She's white and Jenni's Asian.  I contradict myself and hypocritical in all senses when I lash out at interracial sex and mix breeding because my god,  my daughter is half white and half Asian.  I completely blame myself but I love my daughter and it's not her fault.
Man, if I ever dated a girl I went to high school with, and wanted an everlasting relationship with one of them, I'd have to say I would have it with this girl named Molly.  She's like the first girl I spoked to in middle school and god she was so fucking adorable.  Had the sweetest voice too.   But that's really a hypothetical scenario, in reality, she dates douchebags and morons.
That's why I hate going to my reunions. I see her with some dumbass that I see everyday working at Dominos Pizza, fucking pizza delivery driver.  While she's banging out a job that pays good, with an average education.
She rather date retards with 8 dollar per hour jobs with barely a G.E.D.
By the way, she looks a lot like my first wife, just skinnier.  Molly is skinnier.
Just to clear that up.  Don't want her to stumble upon m blog and think that I'm calling her fat or some shit.  I bet she is fat now though.
Her boyfriend bringing home Dominos Pizza every fucking night.   Hahaha.
I really shouldn't bag on Justin, he was pretty cool in high school.
But what happened to him after school ended?  Can't be a jock anymore if you're into partying every night like a dumb douche, right? 

So yea, besides dreaming about girls from high school, I also dream about killing Mexican women.  Doesn't stop there, I kill Asian women too and the Blacks.  I don't even take the time to rape the black women, I just kill them.
AIDs can kill you these days, you know.  AIDs originating from Africa, and lazy whites bringing them 10 feet tall starving Africans over by the ship-loads, just spread AIDs all around America over-time.  Like why the fuck would you bring over a bunch of niggers then wage war over the freedom of them monkeys?
That's why I loved my American History classes, they were the best. 
I could sit back, crack racist jokes and laugh at the white students with the guilty look on their faces.  Why even feel guilty about enslaving blacks?
Look at how Blacks have ruined your white community, you fucking assholes.
And you want to sit back and feel bad for putting them their hard labor and stripping them of their freedom?   You fucking brought AIDs over to this country, asshole.   

I don't even feel ashamed about hating on Blacks.
How many niggers you think wrap their dick up with a condom?
None, they never protect themselves. That's why they all have fucking AIDs.
I bet my sister has fucking AIDs.  I should trick her into getting tested.
I would bet my life, that out of the fifty or so niggers she has fucked, that 49 or so of them carried AIDs.   Bet me in real life, I'd totally win. 
If by some chance, she hasn't contracted AIDs yet, I'll give it to her myself. I know a few homeless niggers at the library coughing up their hearts and organs sitting there reading the news paper.    

And you know, at the same time... All of my friends and homies are Blacks.
I have like 7 ride or die brothers that I know from my days who are true brothers.  They date true sisters, the independent, getting in yo mother fucking face black women.   Them ladies are hard to please.
I would know, I dated a black girl once.  Shut the fuck up.  I am allowed to be a hypocrite to myself, OK.  And I wore a condom.  But the thing about black women that I love so much is that they have a personality and they laugh at shit.  White girls, they're fucking obnoxious and materialistic and plain stupid.
Asian women are fucking loud and snobby, the sex is boring because they don't know how to straddle and ride from atop.  I'm always in control when I'm screwing Jenni.  But me and her, we role play and shit when we get into the mood.  We literally own every fucking merchandise from the sex shop except dildos.   I told her, I will not accept dildos in my house, that's just a no-no.   

So, as I was saying, my most trustworthy friends are blacks, with street code. They don't snitch, and when cops ask them shit, they don't know nothing. That's the way it is, and that's the way they are and I have the most respect for them.  My fucking Asian friends would snitch me out, because they think they'd have more lucks scoring the Asian girls with me out of the picture.
When I was serving three months in Country Prison, I had more females visited me than my Asian friend have for cousins in Vietnam and there, everyone is cousins with one another.    I'm a very confident man, I may not appear so, but goddamn when i want something I get it.  I'd write these sweet little letters to these girls, asking them to come see me and they'd invite their sister and their best girlfriends and I'd have three girls sitting in front of me while I was cuffed and shackle.  No, really.  I never had a visitor though when I was in jail because I was thrown in the hole, isolated from population for most of the duration I spent in jail.  Was busy getting gassed and sprayed for popping sprinklers and refusing to hand back my lunch tray, which I used for popping out the glass window in the cell door.  Was hilarious and worth the week of scratching and itching from all that gas.   Fuck the police, right?

Some of you may have seen me show my arm on tinychat before, some have seen photos, well, I have tiger strips tatted on my right forearm down the palm of my hand.   My daughter calls me Tiger some times when she's in play-mood, she'd call out "daddy tiger! daddy tiger!"   Thank God, she has never seen Winnie the Pooh.     She would be calling me Tigger.  Such a sissy name, man.  Thinking about getting stripes down my right leg and ankle some day. 

You know those fucking kids that wear shirts that are either too fucking big or too fucking long, that hangs down to their fucking knees.  I am talking about shirts that just goes down far too long. What's up with that? Is that some sort of new douchebaggery fashion statement?  It's not even gangster.  Looks fucking silly.   Here's an example. Like really, what the fuck is this?

I get slacking your pants down a little to bag them out, that has been around for the past forty fucking years.  But long ass T shirts, are you fucking kidding me?   This is an example of what kind of guy Molly dates. A douchebag that wears long ass t-shirts or basketball jerseys everyday.   If only I was uncontrollably violent like I used to be, I'd knock the fucking shit out of all of these fucking bums.  How do you even expect to throw a punch with a shirt like that?  Get your elbows caught up in your shirt.  I assume anyone who wears shirts like this is a kid, because really, if you're a grown ass man wearing this shit, you clearly have no dignity or self respect, you fucking low life piece of shit. 

Here's the last part of my skit for today.
Poetry night at this Restaurant I go to once a week , it's actually a Thai Restaurant with white owners and they've got this really nice lounge setting and they do bands and poetry, other shit in there. Real classy. My girlfriend keeps egging me to do one of my slams on open mic night but I'm not sure if I want to in front of a bunch of hippies.  Only times I see brothers there are when I invite them to come see Poetry night with me, and have a few beers. 
I don't like rapping for hippy ass white folks, they wouldn't understand the life we go through, struggling in strife and having it hard knock.   I'm going to go tonight just to listen to some of the poetry, and nice soft music, with a beer in hand.  I'll prepare something in case I want to share but nothing thug-matic, nomsain.  

See you guys next week or something.

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