Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Women with shit for standards

This post is inspired by this annoying fat bitch from facebook that I reluctantly added out of sympathy, she kept liking my posts and trying to start conversations with me so I thought it be polite to accept her friend request.
First off, she's an ugly fat looking Mexican chick, alright.  She's maybe 19 years old, give or take from Detroit.    Why am I talking to someone four years younger than me, I don't know but I'll soon remove her , especially after she reads my blog.  I will link my blog to my status when done.

Alright, two months of reading my Facebook newsfeed and this is all I read from her.  

"grr moms a bitch made me wake up at 8 am to walk my brother then i woke up my brother and he took me to mcdonalds"

-Bitch, you're already fucking 500 pounds, the last thing you need is greasy fucking fast food.  Get a fucking clue.   Avoiding much needed exercise with tainted greasy nasty breakfast from McDonalds.  

" dis boy likes me, wants me happy, my parents likes him, hes got a job and a car but i dont know why i dont like him :/"

-Cause you're a stuck up bitch trying to lose your virginity to some wannabe thug rather than chilling with a nice young gentleman.  You ever wondered why you're single and why you talk about hot boys all the time rather than being with hot boys?  It's not because you're ugly and fat.  It's because your standards are shit.  

"Snap Backs, Tattoos, Piercings, That Shit is so sexxxy (;"

-No it's not, you dumb bitch.  Only fucking boys and jobless assholes who can't get over high school dress like fucking douchebags.  I stopped wearing those retarded Snap backs in like Middle School.  They're fucking stupid.  Hats are meant to keep the sun from blurring your eyes and or to cover hair.
Tattoos, god, I regret mine.  I'm going to try and laser them all off when I get the money.  Tattoos aren't cool and they're an excuse for your stupid dumbass to fit in with a bunch of posers.  Piercings?  I don't mind dudes with their ears pierced.  I have mine but I take them out frequently.  However, dudes with fucking facial piercing are faggots. The nose, the lips, the eyebrows, wherever the fuck else, it's just stupid.  Nothing sexy about boys who haven't grown up.  I also bet that 95% of assholes who fit this description probably don't have jobs and still live at home with their mothers.  Get real and get stability in your life, otherwise be miserable and live the rest of your life with regret, I don't give a fuck.

I don't mind that she's fat or ugly, I don't really care how women look, because as a man, I respect women of all type and colour. I honestly do.
But when women are fucking morons that's when I want to bury them in my neighbours backyard since I don't have a backyard.  Oi.

This woman I've been talking about isn't the only one that has shit for standards.  There are millions of you women all around the world but mostly in the United Kingdom , America and Canada.  Everywhere else in the world, cultures stay true to tradition and the Countries like Australia that doesn't have tradition for getting two people together.   Aussie women are real laid back down to earth types that will hang out with you if you lie and tell them you play the guitar and surf.   I used to fucking pretend to be Australian and I got so much E-pussy it was unreal.    

Anyway, English women are fucking brats and they all think they're princesses.
I mean, their fucking country and nation is led by a fucking 90 year old bitch that has the same routine every fucking day. tea, crumpet, pet her puppies and more tea and biscuits.  Also English women get raped like at least twice in their lifetime.  They're weak and they're dumb, will take any drug you give them.  I could go to England and collect about a dozen women in one night with roofies , drug them, rape them mutilate them and rape their mutilated corpse.  English women are stupid and the only smart ones are soulless gingers that read too much shit and superstitious. 

American women, are the biggest fucking turn offs.  They're unbelievably dumb and obnoxious.  Of all the women in the world, they are the biggest fucking brats I have ever encountered.   I don't mind the outdoorsy type women who like hiking, biking, swimming, reading but everyone else except for the nature-loving women are fucking imbeciles.   Molly Pepper is a great example.  This is probably the 5th time I've mentioned her in my blogs.  She's a total fucking race traitor, and a disgrace to the white race , not that I care but a girl that goes down for the brothers is a girl without care.  Why I endured the agony of being in love with her is beyond me but I realise now it was a waste of time.   She dates fucking douchebags that are 24 years old, still wearing fucking snapback hats sideways and wears sport jersey everywhere they go.  Kids with no sense of style, no sense of direction, no sense for that matter.  Just fucking losers.   Not all American girls are like Molly but they are becoming more bold and they are breeding much more now with the niggers that were brought here to be slaves.  Now they fucking run our Country.   Ironic twist of fate, if you ask me.

Canadian women, god, don't get me started.
They have fucking Canadian Idol, yet like half of Canada watches American Idol.  Not that this is relevant but just something I wanted to vent.   I've loved two Canadian chicks in my life.  Jamie and Shannon.  I lied to them both because we all know women who live in Canada are all stuck up bitches too.  Only difference between Canadian and American girls are that Canadian females are much prettier.  Literally half of the fucking female models today are women from Canada.  Pam Anderson back in her prime, right from Canada.  Trist Stratus, that Wrestling Diva, god she's beautiful.  And pretty much every hot female Actress in Hollywood as well.  Anyways, Canadian women are dumb and they don't know what they want.    Jamie, or however she spelled her name, she was one of my finest love.  I lied to her which I really do feel terrible about because I ruined and wasted a lot of her time for my reckless lies and bullshit.   If I could go back, I'd probably hijack someone's car and drive up to Canada and be there for her Birthday party like she wanted me to do.  I would have spoiled her if I knew how much I'd like her after she left me.
I take too much shit for granted and I promise, in another life I'll make it up to all the people I've forsaken. 

Oh, and emo girls are straight up, fucking ugly and retarded.
Stop with the Rawr and the cupcakes and go back to cutting yourselves.

My name's Thanh Praiwan Mai and I live in a boring fucking town with boring fucking people and I am surrounded by douchebags that can't hold a job if their life depended on it.   Uneducated fucks. 

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