Saturday, July 7, 2012

Some chick I cybered.

Yeah, I had cyber sex.  Words went in my butt and came out my dick all white and sticky.  I'm actually not trying to poke fun of cyber sex, it's actually very creative and it takes a wonderful imagination to receive the full climax of it all.  Trust me, my imagination is wild and vivid.   In fact, I could say that my dick erects harder when I imagine sex than when I watch porn.  I could lay in bed and just imagine taking a girl's ass and slamming it through the mattress. 

Anyway, this is less about cybersex than it is about this chick.
This was about three years ago.  Her name is Jessica and she was really hot, I loved her and I fantasizing about her because everyone in this forsaken homosexual, nigger infested state, Vermont, is all fucking ugly.  At least the white women are.  They're all fat and being skullfucked by 12inch nigger dick, which really is disgusting in all senses.   Jessica, now, she was beautiful but she was much younger than I, she was like 6 years younger, I believe. Maybe not, let's see.

She was like 15-16 3 years ago, yeah?  
Three years ago I was 20... So yeah, I'm a pedophile or just a normal man, with the lust to bone one girl younger than the age limit permits.  That, my friend is called love.  I did love her too, I constantly thought about her and dreamed of giving her a beautiful luxurious life.   Before I was arrested three years ago, I had it all, living with my older brother, moving from places to places, exchanging cars for cars and traveling the world, my pockets were never empty.  I thought about Jessica and I didn't know much about her other than the obvious.  She was a super fucking slut.  Hell, she even dated this nigger named Chase or Jase, whichever.   It was a suitable name for a nigger, right?  Niggers are always on the run from authority, whatever, you got the pun I was trying to make.   Anyway, Jessica was beautiful, the woman I desired but everything about her I hated.  And fuck you, I'm not shallow, she really got me thinking about her a lot.   Which was odd, because at that time I was also dating another girl.   You know that Usher song, "You Make Me Wanna"?  

Let me tell you about Jessica.

She's a fucking loser, a down right fucking whore-ass retard.
When I first met her, she thought she was a smart cookie, but I fucking knew she was dumb.  She was "home schooled" but we all know that means you're a dropout fuck that works the corner avenue while your mum works the strip pole.   But seriously, when I met her, she lacked ambition and knowledge. Knowledge that could actually get her a smart boyfriend, she was the type of girl every fucking nerd fingered their butts over.  
She had an adorable voice too, I masturbate every time I talked to her on the phone.  I think she caught on after a few phone calls when I started squealing like a pig and moaning like a whore.   I don't grunt, by the way. That's just retarded.   You ever seen the faces you make during sex , during the climax? 
Right as you come, you make the most retarded face, I've seen it.  I have mirrors in my room, and it's one of my little fetishes, to watch myself fuck.

Well back to the topic, Jessica was a dumbass when I first met her.

Her grammar was way off, and she tried to whore herself into every conversation that was taking place in the chatrooms.  

Guy 1:  no fuck you troll
Guy 2: lulz u mad bro
Guy 1: ur mom is mad troll
Guy 2: lel your mums a whore i've fucked her
Jessica: fuck my mom too hehe
Guy 1: shut up bitch
jessica: make me with ur cock 
Guy 2: goodfight aids and stds 
Guy 1: dont want your used gapped puss bitch 
Jessica:  brb fingering myself

Jessica had all these piercings on her face, it was kind of ugly , and the only thing about her appearance I didn't like.  Besides for tiny nipples, piercings stood out more.  I hate those kinds of girls that thought piercings were fashionable.  They're made for your ears and only for your ears.

So, Jessica was a dropout , unemployed whore that stayed on the internet 12 hours a day, mostly on Flixster and myspace.   The more she and I talked, the harder she tried to impress me by acting smart.   Remember above, how I said she had no ambition and she was a loser?  Well, that loser told me she wanted to be a paramedic.  Who the fuck wants to be a paramedic?

Why not be an escort whore?  Go to parties and stand next to rich guys and get paid for looking sexy and making the lonely dumbass without a lover look good?   All if not most, people who hire female escorts, are lonely assholes who think of themselves as playboys , tailor-maid faggots, you know.
Jessica could be one of those, if only she had bigger tits.  God, damn.
She has the tiniest titties, like 5 year old undeveloped baby tits.  
Which now that I have her tits on my mind, I see no future with her at all.  She couldn't breast feed if we had a child together.  And I'll be dammed if we had a wet nurse.

Let's see the list of wrongs about her so far.

Small tits.
Major slutbag.
Facial piercing.
Nigger lover.
Dropout with no education.
And by the way, she dropped out Freshmen year.

Anyways, she started to turn herself around. 
She took out her piercings, she improved her grammar and she left Chase the fat nigger with dreads rolled up on his head.  He was a major pussy too. A soft as nigger that carried AIDs inside his penis.   God, why of all places, would you want to cyber-date a nigger?   I understand the crave and desire women have for big large fat dicks, so you close your eyes and pick a nigger at random in some bar, hoping he'd take you home and fuck your pussy loose.

Here's the thing, people. 

Niggers don't have hard erected dick. I've seen more porn than you've breathed oxygen.  My life's dedicated to porn, or was.  And niggers have large soft dicks that just curves down.  That's why they like to fuck chicks from behind because a woman laying on her back couldn't feel the pleasure of a nigger's dick going into her pussy while the dick curved down.  So she'd have to change her position to get the most out of a nigger's dick.   It's a fact, retards.  I've studied sex, alright.  I have sex, every night with different women, till I met Jenni. I promise.  Hell, I had so much pussy back then, I had pussy falling out my pocket.  Watch your step, yea?

There's nothing to niggers that's attractive or desirable.
They're all savages and criminals.  They all carry AIDs from a long line of breeding and ancestry.  Descendants of Africans who had 20 wives, and they had no condom to protect their wiener.   Raping women from their tribe until they got shot in the face with a blowdart and snagged and shipped over to America a divided nation at the time.  

God, I hate niggers so much.  It's hard to keep on subject when everything I blog boils down to my rage and anger which is hatred caged inside of me. 

Anyways, after I got out of Jail, I contacted Jessica immediately, I told her I loved her, and all that.  She was a whore, so she didn't understand love and I probably was confused about it too.  I really did masturbate in my cell all the time while I was in jail.  Just shooting loads thinking about Jessica.
I dreamt that her tits were bigger and that she was older and that we'd be a happy couple, always boning and every year it would seem we'd be reproducing by mixing our DNA into a baby sperm that would later grow inside her.  That was my dream, my thoughts, my way of letting myself know that outside these prison walls, I had a girl that I loved and was waiting for me to rescue her from her whore-life of disappointment.   So we cyber dated. 
I know, fuck off. Love isn't a luxury and it's complicated. 
We didn't last longer than a day before she broke up with me. XD!

But we were like this on and off for the next couple of months, getting together and than calling it off.   She definitely was a troublesome young whore, that my mind kept thinking about.  You know what else she is?
A fucking thieving lying whore.  We said we'd write letters to each other and shit, and I did, I wrote a cheesy letter and sent her a photo of me pissing my pants standing at this railing where I saw Santa for the first time in some mall in California where I first lived.  That fucking bitch never sent it back nor wrote me a letter.    After that, my thoughts about her progressed and every thought was violent.  I wanted to beat the legs out from under her, she'd have to slide and crawl on the floor muscling her vagina to inch herself across the floor.  She'd be a legless walking vagina.   I wanted to beat her so bad.
Even my little brother at the time wanted to beat her.  His idea was to slice her tiny nipples off and take a 14inch blade and saw through her vagina slicing her in half from the vaginal region up to her waist and chest, then he'd fill her insides with candy and sew the split half bodies back together and make a 

piñata out of her. 

God she kept breaking my heart at the time, I finally gave up and dated this pothead chick i slept with once at a party.  Her name was Lena. She's the exact opposite of Jessica but Lena was boring as fuck. I didn't want to spend another dime on weed just so the two of us could spend time doing something together.  Everything we ever did together cost money.  Like we can't even walk down the beach without her asking for like 20 dollars to buy ice cream or some pot dealer she saw at the beach.     Haha, Lena broke up with me because I didn't want to watch Dear John with her when she rented the movie.  
Jessica would never do that.

Jessica would break up with me because she found some other nigger on the internet that made her laugh.  Jessica was a major whore, I hate her so much.
I just about then, me and her kind of parted ways for a while, I got arrested again, and for the three months I sat in the hole, I never once thought about her, she had hurt me pretty badly.  Crushed my dreams and gave me no chance of hope for the future.   I served my time and I came back to my old self, having sex with every walking creature within a five mile radius that had a vagina.   

A woman like Jessica is nothing but trouble. 
She's the kind of woman that if you yell at, she'll yell back and threaten to slit your throat while you sleep then fart into the cut, blowing the blood that would gush out from the hole, back into the stream and flow of the veins, she'd prop you up and take a nine iron and start swinging at your head, so that you'd be alive to feel the pain.  She's a psycho and it's because nobody loves her truly for who she is but only for her body.  Fuck that. If I had known her titties would get bigger, I would have tried to work it out with her.  Fuck Jenni.  A Jessica with titties is a Jessica for me but she had none at the time! 

Honestly though, I'm actually happy for her, she's working now and probably has her GED.  She's talking to me again and we're on good terms. 
I think she's happy for me too.  Wonders how things work out between two former flames.  Though, I'm sure she never liked or cared about me as I cared about her but she's doing well, looking good and her tits got bigger. 
Or maybe she's disguising her small tits with some socked stuffed bras?
I'll have to investigate and get some psychical evidence, right?

Oh and the lesson of the day is,

Stay away from breastless girls with tattoos and dropped out of school.
They're whores and they are psychos that will kill you in your sleep.
And never write to any of them, pen pals are done and over with in this generation.  Also, don't send them money, photos, or anything that means anything to you. They'll never send them back, let alone write you a letter.

And a when you have cyber sex, be creative, and let them know affirmatively, that your dick is hard and it's slapping from palm to palm right now, with the thought of her.  They'll totally love you.  


Alexander ye mate said...

Some chick I felt for ~the utmost~
Alyssa Brooke Aslett Thompson
I never cybered her though, nah

I've never really been sexually active, felt myself sexually attracted to, or any kind of need/want for sex with involvement from people online, or even from people I meet in real life. I'm actually embarrassed by that side of me. And I kind of blame society - it's really my fault for not "fitting in" though

Anyways, back to the chick whom I heartlessly betrayed
This isn't a confession but I do consider this to be one of my biggest sins, and not just because it took the biggest toll on my conscience, but because of the toll it took on hers T_T

Forgive me Thanh for, like Jessica, I too never wrote back. I promised her. Ohhhhhh did I promise her. So why didn't I fulfill my promise? Am I unworthy of making promises? Am I unable to make that much of a commitment? I am afraid to accept that this is true. This fearful feeling that I still have not accepted is much greater than the initial scare of jumping, heart first, into something bigger than online messaging. I know it's fucking petty when all it boils down to is a fucking message on a piece of fucking paper written by the biggest fucking fuck. Me.
But I'm much pettier than that. Do you want to know my excuse for not writing to her?


I'm certain I pulled every piece in my arsenal out of my fucking ass to try and make it up to her too - she didn't want that though - she just wanted me to make good on my promise. I only wish now that back then I'd have had the testicles to tell her the truth. I wouldn't spend that wish undoing what has been done by going back in time and sending a fucking letter, no. Or even spend that wish to unmake the promise I had made. I'd have told her the truth. That I was afraid. Terrified. Kinda like... And I can't believe I'm amounting this to a mother fucking movie. Chasing Amy. Except I was Amy. I didn't want to ruin the best thing I had going for me by changing it yet somehow I did. And now I'm chasing me. Not her. I had to let her go. I'm chasing me. The person I used to be. The person who cared to care about somebody else's shit so much that I'd wipe their ass and wash their hands anyway.

Sorry for barging in like this, Thanh. I was just feeling spangly. Like a noodle. And I needed to straighten my head out. And spit some juice.

I hope, if anything, that my being here has somehow made you feel happier.
Cos I'd like to make you happiii (in a non-homosexual-yet-totally-gay-way)

Yours sincerestly,
Scrooge McKiwi
Quack :S

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Alec R. X. said...

What a trip. There are some things in this world that will never change, Praiwan. I'm still gonna piss on your shoes.